Store closing sale at Hollywood Video

Hollywood Video on 15th just south of Market is closing.

The liquidation sale started today. Everything in the store is currently 20% off the sticker price as they try to sell everything before the March 26th closing date. (Thanks Benton for the tip!)

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4 thoughts to “Store closing sale at Hollywood Video”

  1. hey everybody i just about all the comments. i was a manager at hollywood video in casa grande. they closed our store on wed. 20 of jan. i was a extremely sad our store went under. to hear everybody in here to be so happy that our stores closed is actually a shock to me. think about all the employees without a job. i myself am a single mother of two. i just don't get what a video store personally did to the people glad its gone. i might add that our store was ran only by 3 people, we were friendly, helpful, regardless of the grumps that came in. i would just like to let you know whatever happened to make you dislike our stores i am sorry. but show a little more compassion for all of these people who now do not know if they can keep there house , or pay a utility because they are out of a job.

  2. Man, this so sad. I love hollywood video! Just about of the locations in Austin have closed down and I see the one in Killeen is about to follow suit. I know netflix and demand is putting a squeeze on movie stores but what people fail to realize is that netflix do not carry vintage/classic films. it alos looks like BlockBuster is on its way to extinction. It’s just too sad!!!

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