Get ready for a new garbage day

In an effort to divert 60 percent of waste to recycling or composting by 2012, the city is making changes to garbage collection. Starting next week, the city will be taping notices to your garbage can outlining the changes that begin on March 30th. One of the big changes will be your garbage day. The city says that most Seattle residents will be getting a new collection day. Other changes:

  • All food scraps, including meat, fish, bones, shells and dairy products, can go in the food and yard waste cart.
  • More food/yard waste cart sizes to choose from, including 13-, 32- and 96-gallon options.
  • Weekly food and yard waste collection for all single-family households. Organics were previously collected every other week.
  • Electronics, used motor oil and bulky items can be collected through special services.
  • Glass bottles and jars go in the recycling cart – no more separating!
  • More paper, plastic and metal items can be recycled, including cups, deli trays, aluminum foil and plastic plant pots.

As we wrote earlier this month, residents can already start to combine glass recycling in with other recyclables.

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