Large scale search for burglary suspect

Update 9:45 a.m. Shortly after 5 a.m., police from all over North Seattle raced to Ballard after hearing an “officer needs help” call along Leary near the Olympic Athletic Club. Police were investigating a report of a suspicious man inside a parking garage. When the officers arrived, they discovered one man wearing a ski mask, and another man assaulted one of the officers, police say. One suspect was arrested, the other escaped. Police found a stolen car with suspected stolen goods inside, according to scanner reports.

The officer was not injured in the struggle, but the large police response blanketed Old Ballard and vicinity. My Ballard reader Silver listened to the police scanner and posted several updates in the forum:

“They have been calling K-9 officers at home to get them to come in and look for this guy. Harbor Patrol even sent a boat to search the water nearby. The K-9 will track the suspect starting at Northwest Vernon and Leary. From there the suspect ran Southwest down the middle of the street.”

We saw officers stopped in intersections, slowly patrolling streets and a police van that had set up shop in the old Yankee Grill parking lot. Police say the suspect is wanted for burglary, but it’s too early to tell if he’s linked to the string of recent business burglaries in Ballard. (It is worth noting, however, that this is right across the street from Source Salon, which has been hit three times in the last month and a half.) We’ll keep you updated…

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