Sea serpent returns to Shilshole Bay Marina

A year ago, the sea serpent sculpture on the Shilshole Bay Marina jetty was removed to be refurbished. “It’s back,” writes Kim from Seattle Daily Photo, who snapped this shot (see a larger version right here).

Sea serpents were a fascination of Ballardites in the early 1900s, as evidenced by this photo of a fake sea serpent, which was carved out of wood. (Photo at Shilshole Bay copyright 2009 Seattle Daily Photo.)

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One thought to “Sea serpent returns to Shilshole Bay Marina”

  1. Actually the serpent wasn't gone for long. He originally blew down in that big winter windstorm in late 2007 but was rebuilt within a couple of months of that (the original remnants can still be seen next to the existing serpent).

    The artist is indeed known to marina residents, and I believe he got special permission from the Army Corps of Engineers, who is responsible for the breakwater, to install these pieces.

    We love both the serpent and the skeleton!

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