High speed chase through Ballard

Updated: King County Sheriff’s deputies pursued a suspected stolen car at high speed through Ballard Wednesday evening. “He went by us on 18th Ave NW at 67th, right along the Salmon Bay soccer field doing what might have been 70, 80, 90 mph,” wrote Slosh in the forum. “I was walking my dog as he sped by,” added Jon in comments below, who said the car blew through a red light at 65th and 20th, “barely missing vehicles stopped at the light.” He said the Honda Accord sped by a second time a short time later, sliding around a corner and hitting the curb, damaging the vehicle. A deputy finally rammed the car, stopping it at 63rd and 17th shortly after 5 p.m. Several bicycle officers pulled up at the same time, aiding in the arrest. SeattlePI.com’s Levi Pulkkinen was one of the many spectators, and he posted his account with a photo right here.

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