Raccoon moves into bird’s nest

We were driving around East Ballard looking at the new spring blossoms when we noticed a big fuzzy nest high up in a tree.

We looked closer and realized it was a raccoon!

As we were taking pictures, one of the neighbors came out and explained the raccoon took over the crow’s nest about a week ago. She shook the tree so the critter would wake up. When he did, he just stared down at us.

Sitting up on the wire above, a crow peered down with a branch in its mouth, annoyed that its nest had been commandeered by a raccoon.

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5 thoughts to “Raccoon moves into bird’s nest”

  1. Love this… We just discovered some nesting raccoons in our neighbors while surveying our weed situation. The nest looked HUGE, then when we looked a bit closer we noticed it was fuzzy/furry and had two tails. We were shocked to see that snoozing in a swaying tree were two raccoons just kicking it. Something you don’t see everyday… we too shook the tree and took pictures. It was quite a sight.

  2. Like NMoser I too just found a nest occupied by a raccoon – in my backyard.  However there was a lot of bird racket and I’m thinking the ‘coon was an unwelcome visitor.  Should be interesting to see if he sticks around up there.

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