Turn off your lights tonight for Earth Hour

For one hour tonight (Saturday), the World Wildlife Fund is asking people to turn off their lights for Earth Hour, a world-wide event to raise awareness about global warming. Cities around the globe will flip the switch from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. (Thanks Candice for the reminders in the forum.)

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One thought to “Turn off your lights tonight for Earth Hour”

  1. 28th march 2010 is a month away. is the same thing happening this year?
    i'm at a school in kenya, a senior student and i want to promote the idea of conserving energy in these different ways. i'd like for the school and the students, parents and families connected to it to also participate on the 28th or march, and then hopefully get the community to practice this once a month, then once a week. make it a huge deal and get people to notice and join in.

    please let me know. and are there any other groups or organizations for different ways to save energy?


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