Woman saved by dog in Loyal Heights fire

Firefighters scrambled to a small home engulfed in flames in the 7700 block of Earl Ave. NW in Loyal Heights just after 7 this morning.

When we arrived shortly after firefighters, the smoke was so thick you couldn’t see the small, 1940s house, only the homes on either side of it.

A neighbor says a woman renting the home woke up when her dog began barking wildly. She was able to escape with her dog safely. “I hate that dog. It barks all the time,” a neighbor told us. “But I don’t hate it anymore.” The woman was evaluated by medics on scene for smoke inhalation.

Onlookers watched nervously as firefighters worked to keep the fire away from the next door homes — just eight feet away or so. A next-door neighbor says the heat and water from the fire broke a few of his window panes.

As the smoke began to dissipate in the morning sun, it was clear the small home was a complete loss. We’ll update this story as we learn more from fire investigators. (And thanks everyone for your tips!)

Update: My Ballard reader Silver snapped a few more shots here of the burned-out home after the fire was extinguished.

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10 thoughts to “Woman saved by dog in Loyal Heights fire”

  1. I see I got my post deleted for calling Chef a wiseass for making a joke about a women who just lost her house in a fire. So Swedes, let me get this straight. It's OK to make a joke at the expense of a women that just lost her house in a fire (his post is still there), but it a violation of Ballard decorum to call someone a wise ass for doing it.

    Do I have that standard stated correctly?

  2. Wow. Easy Norwegian. Was attempting to clear up a confusing situation, and that equals the thought police? You missed my point entirely. Not surprising.


    Was Chef actually making a joke, or was he slamming BHO for what he would blame the fire on?

    Oh, and Mia and Naise are both me.

  4. He may have been making a joke but note that BHO had posted nothing on this thread. A thread that was about the tragic loss of a persons home to a fire. If he wants to attack BHO do it somewhere else on the forum where he actually says something. This was not the time or place to attempt to be funny. The best move would have been to offer the victim some condolences and move on.

  5. By the way, does anyone know the victim? Does she have a place to live? Clothes, personal items, etc? Does she have the ability to care for her dog now? Perhaps this would be a good place to try to organize some assistance for her from the Ballard community.

  6. Chef took a cheep shot, I didn't find it funny if that was the intent. I'd find it difficult to believe if BHO would have made any comment on this thread, but, Chef put BHO in. For what purpose, I don't know. Perhaps just looking to take a cheep shot, cause trouble, get attention, or derail our focus. Don't know, don't care. I have two names as well, but I only use one here. I hope that it avoids unnecessary confusion and skepticism for most.

  7. Thanks TTTHOTTC (wish your handle was easier to spell)
    That's the direction this thread should have gone awhile ago, maybe next time?

  8. My friend was the renter here. She is doing ok (though understandably in shock)and is staying with friends. Her brother is caring for the dog. The cause of the fire was related to the heater, and was ruled accidental.

  9. Yes, this was a friend of mine as well. She is “ok” in that her body is recovering, but otherwise she is very shaken up. She lost everything she owned, and it will take time for her gather the things she needs again, and then to reorganize various parts of her life. Friends are organizing for her, but if others in the community would like to lend support, speak up here, and I will try to figure out the best way to arrange that your help will get to her. Thank you for your support and concern. You always think these things happen to “others,” until they happen to you or your friends or family. Peace.

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