Shots fired in Sunset Hill

“I heard several gunshots, followed up a few minutes later by a ton of sirens,” wrote My Ballard reader SHCoco in the forum about an incident on Saturday night. Turns out it was domestic violence, according to Seattle Police:

On April 5th at approximately 1:20 A.M., neighbors reported hearing shots being fired in front of a house in the 6700 Block of 32nd Avenue NW. When they looked out their window, they saw a man standing in the middle of 32nd Avenue NW pointing a gun at the victim’s home. They then phoned 911 and reported that the suspect had now entered the victim’s home and closed the door. Upon arrival, officers contacted the owner of the victim residence. Officers quickly located and arrested the suspect in the victim’s backyard and discovered that the suspect is the boyfriend of the homeowner’s daughter.

Police say they found a loaded handgun under the daughter’s bed. Frightening.

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  1. Sunset Hill is innundated with sirens again tonight, and the 911 page has multiple units out with “rescue rope” at 3200 54th. What's up? Sirens going strong for a long time now – I'd check it out myself but am stuck with a twisted knee!

  2. you're right silence.kt, because i'm sure these people obtained their fire-arms legally, and completed all the required registrations and background checks. Had more stringent gun control measures been in effect, it would have been impossible for these two to acquire weapons, just as making drugs illegal has made it impossible from criminals to obtain illegal narcotics.

  3. Considering you have no proof that they didn't…

    Also, something tells me that guns would be much harder to get a hold of than, say, heroin or pot. Also, doesn't less guns in general = harder to acquire?

    The drug comparison really isn't valid at all anyway. Two completely different things that serve two completely different purposes.

  4. Also, the majority of the firearms involved in the ongoing mexican drug wars are from this country, but no, we don't need stricter gun laws.

    Also, why are you acting like anyone that obtains a firearm legally won't abuse it? That's just naive.

  5. what's with the teenage-girl-syntax of that last 'sentence': “frightening”. Like, OMG….where are my flipflops.

    thanks for reminding me why i left Seattle.

  6. “The 29 year-old male suspect was booked into KCJ for Investigation of Domestic Violence Burglary and Violation of Firearms Act.”

    Violation of the Firearms Act says that he was probably a felon in possession.

    If you stay away from felons and drug dealers your chances of being shot are tiny…winning the lottery tiny.

    As for the guns in Mexico, I am sure a lot are smuggled but a lot of them are also machine guns, something that is very restricted in this country, Mexican drug lords have the means to bring in weapons from any place in the world and they do. Unless you know some place here in the US where you can buy grenades and RPGS.

  7. A lot of the guns are purchased at gun shows, I believe, and smuggled across.

    And really, even if this guy didn't legally own the gun, it changes nothing.

    I can't believe there isn't at least a ban on assault rifles.

  8. I think I'm ready to, at the very least, leave Ballard. My girlfriend and I have lived here for a couple years and I'm ready for a change in scenery.

  9. You know, your right wing irony isn't lost on the rest of us, it's just ignored. You must have a lot of time on your hands to dedicate to honing your “wit” and post time and time again on the same threads.

    Yours is a wasted existence, friend.

  10. There is a ban on automatic rifles, if that's what you mean. Or did you mean a ban on regular, semi-automatic rifles that look like or are based on automatic rifles? Such a ban doesn't make much sense. Unless you wanted to ban ALL rifles, which, again, doesn't make much sense.

  11. Why would that not make sense? Since when do people need semi-automatic rifles? Same with handguns, those definitely aren't necessary.

  12. ok, let's just say that you know what the average police response time is, and let's say that you know that some people with no regard for human life have guns, and that if you aren't prepared to defend yourself, you will die.
    I'll answer the “Since when” question, out of respect. Since we became a free society.
    Some abuse it, sadly, but we have it, still.

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