Adams kids say goodbye to playground equipment

Adams Elementary kids spent their recess today chanting, “Saw! Saw!” as they watched their monkey bars get sawed off and their old playground dismantled.

It’s no wonder the kids are excited. Once the old equipment is gone, there’s room for the new equipment to be installed. Volunteers will be installing the new playground toys the weekend of April 25th. The following week, wood chips, filter fabric and drain rock will be installed. And then in early May, the fence will come down and kids will be able to play on their new jungle gym. The PTA is paying for the new playground with money raised at last year’s auction. If you’d like to volunteer email Alison Krupnick at

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13 thoughts to “Adams kids say goodbye to playground equipment”

  1. I'm glad the kids there are getting some new play equipment. The old equipment was in pretty bad shape, and the monkey bars were the scene of many broken arm incidents.

  2. It's pretty amazing when you think about the strides made in playground equipment over the years. Thinking back to the acres of cracked asphalt and rusty metal structures I played on in the 70's, it's a stroke of divine luck that we didn't all die of cracked noggins or tetanus.

  3. Thanks for the info/post! I've been waiting to hear about this from the Adams Newsletter (got it today) for some time now.

    Not sure why it's going to take so long to install everything, I know our kids can't wait.

    Now what I want to know is where I can go sign up to volunteer… does anyone know???

  4. Hey everyone,

    Thanks for your support of this project. I just want to add that we couldn't have undertaken this project without the support of the Department of Neighborhoods, which provided us a major funding grant. The Adams community has spent several years raising matching funds for this grant.

    As you watch the progress, you'll see why it takes so long for installation. We have to do extensive site work to make sure the drainage is adequate, extend the play area boundary and make the site ADA -accessible.

    Community projects such as this one are rewarding on so many levels. We'll keep you posted on our volunteer needs and look forward to unveiling our new playground in the next month.

  5. I will miss the big map of the United States painted on the ground…

    where will our kids learn their geography?

  6. i am pretty sure that it took quite a while b/c the structure was fabricated in australia. delivery time must have surely been one of the major delay's

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