Future French restaurant gets a facelift

The building that will soon become Ballard’s newest French restaurant in Old Ballard is sporting a fresh coat of paint.

Here’s a look at what the building used to look like.

The owners of Bastille Cafe & Bar have also started the ball rolling for a liquor license. Just last week they submitted their application. We asked the painters if they’d heard when the restaurant would open and they didn’t know, saying they thought it was in a few months. We wrote last year that two local businessmen had purchased the building at 5307 Ballard Ave with plans for the restaurant.

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16 thoughts to “Future French restaurant gets a facelift”

  1. Those guys have put A LOT of work into that building. The paint is just the icing on the cake. I hope the investment pays off…I really do.

  2. as a former painter, I would've been SHOCKED if those painters knew when the place was going to open. it's likely they didn't even know it was a restaurant. we painters were always the last to know…

    it does look like they put a lot of work into it, as boardbrown pointed out.
    I would be surprised though if this 'investment' pays off, given the financial success of most eateries (or lack thereof).

    I am excited for some french food–although I wouldn't be surprised to see them cut the rolled crepes into sush-like pieces, just to fit in more with ballard.

  3. Understand the painters may not know when it's scheduled to open, but somebody must have an idea. At least a 'shoot for' date. If it's already been mentioned anywhere I missed it.

  4. I read in the Seattle Weekly or Seattle Metropolitan (I think) that this was planning to open in June. Does anyone recall who the chef will be? Something in my mind says it's Shannon Galusha of Veil. No?

    Very excited for French food in the 'hood!

  5. hey Red,
    I believe if you got together with all your buddies (Orange, Yellow, Green, Indigo an Blue) you would in fact make White.

    additive color theory—> white is a color!

  6. We have a great French restaurant “in the 'hood”, called Carnegie's, located in the old historic Carnegie Library, 2026 NW Market St. The owner is also the Chef, his wife is the Hostess, their motto seems to be: ” if it's not right, we will make it right!” We love the food and the service is first rate. Try it, you'll like it!

  7. Carnegies is FANTASTIC and the prices are really good…for the price of a 3 course fabulous dinner, you can order an entree at Le Courmand. I highly recommend Carnegies and eat there all the time. They also have a cozy bar; nice to go in and have a few nibbles or a bowl of their French onion soup and a glass of wine. Cheers!

  8. A little bird told me they are modeling the menu and atmosphere after Manhattan's Balthazar and Pastis. If this is true, I can't wait!!!

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