Students clean up St. Alphonsus school

A group of students spent their Saturday sprucing up St. Alphonsus School.

As part of the the Spring Rebuilding 2009 day for Rebuilding Together Seattle, local high school students worked on several big projects at the school. Margie Thirlby at RTS says the students painted the 1st floor cafeteria area, tore down an unused loft, did a big kitchen cleaning project, and removed clutter from the school. In total, there were 800 volunteers and 23 projects completed throughout the city. (Thanks for the picture Tricia!)

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4 thoughts to “Students clean up St. Alphonsus school”

  1. Way to Go Saint Al's –
    I can't think of a local school that needs more help to clean up than you guys!
    Glad you got around to cleaning that kitchen.

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