Museum seeks volunteers for ambitious project

The Nordic Heritage Museum is looking for volunteers to help with their new oral history initiative, “Nordic American Voices.” The ambitious plan is to record the life histories of Nordic immigrants and their descendants to the Pacific Northwest, focusing on WWII occupation and resistance. A 15-member steering committee, with representatives from each of the five major Nordic heritage groups, will guide the project. The early goal is to publish a new, expanded version of the popular book “Voices of Ballard: Immigrant Stories from the Vanishing Generation” which was written and published in 2001. This project needs volunteers to be successful. For those interested in helping out, there is a training session this Saturday, May 2 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Contact Janet Rauscher at or 206-789-5707, ext. 35.

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  1. I knew someone who helped author a guide for collecting oral history. I never read their finished product, but my understanding is that this is trickier than many people think.

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