Abraxus Books planning to leave Ballard

After seven years in Ballard, Abraxus Books is telling customers that they’re planning to move to lower Queen Anne.

An employee tells us that the store will be moving to 524 1st Ave N at the beginning of next month, although the owner tells us that no date has been set. Abraxus has been in the old Ballard Library location at 5711 24th Avenue NW for two years. Before that it was down on Seaview Avenue next to Anthony’s. (Thanks Nancy and Jeff for the tip!)

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21 thoughts to “Abraxus Books planning to leave Ballard”

  1. I wonder if they'll give the QA Twice Sold Tales (right around the corner) a run for its money. The people who run that QA location are extremely unpleasant.

    Good luck Abraxus!

  2. I bet they'll do better on Queen Anne. That Ballard location is just not a high-traffic location. I've never had good customer service at any Twice Sold Tales unfortunately.

  3. This is a big loss for Ballard! This bookstore is the best used bookstore in Seattle, modeled along the lines of a smaller Powell's (in Portland). Tony offers new as well as old volumes and will order new when requested. The old library was ideal for his setup. It is a real shame that he's moving. Tony's regular presence on Ballard Avenue was an added bonus, as he has got to be one of the most personable and upbeat people I've known. His colorful career includes stories of encounters with all sorts of interesting people. Allen Ginsberg has slept on his living room sofa, and as recently as a couple of weeks ago, he was seen in the Thaiku bar bending his elbow with Francis Ford Coppola.

    How can we let him go like this?

  4. Darn! It was nice having them there. A pleasant space for a bookstore. So, I wonder what will happen to the old library building now?

  5. Does this mean the owner of the property is now ready to develop it? (I heard Abraxus was leasing library from them because they couldn't fund development as planned when the property was purchased)

  6. how sad! I love that store. I wonder why they are moving, perhaps all the construction nearby?? Rent can't be cheaper in lower Queen Anne…

  7. Darn. I love Abraxus, too. Shop there pretty often. I'd be very interested to know whether they got pushed out by the building owners, and, if so, what the plans are.

  8. While it's always sad to see a bookstore go. I have seen a lot of the same inventory in the sections I am intrested in for over a year or so now with very high prices for used fishing books in particular. The staff never smiles or says hello when you walk in even if you are the only person in the store or asks if you need help finding something. It's the little personal touches that make a difference in this economy.

  9. I vote for some fab vintage/modern enterprise…a restaurant or furniture store. The building is far too cool to take down. Perhaps a Ballard Art Museum or mini conference center? Who owns the property now?

  10. Also, I was in Abraxus yesterday, asked a couple questions, and apparently the site owner's still hoping to build a condo complex there. But they have no permits yet, and at this point, do we need more condos around Ballard? It sounds like the site's going to be vacant for a while.

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