‘Tuesdays in Ballard’ coming this summer

The postcards are going up around Ballard for a new campaign called “Tuesdays in Ballard” (.pdf file). It’s a summer-long campaign designed to entice people from both outside of Ballard and within the neighborhood to come shop, eat and play here. Tuesday night is a meeting for interested retailers to find out how they can be part of the grassroots campaign by pooling marketing resources. The meeting is from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the Ballard Community Center (6020 28th Ave NW in the Captain Ballard room.) There will also be an informal networking hour from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Update: About 50 business owners and managers attended tonight’s initial “Tuesdays in Ballard” meeting. Boutique owners, salon owners, CPA’s and restaurateurs were all there to hear about the new campaign which kicks off on June 23rd. Stay tuned… we’ll have more in the coming weeks.

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10 thoughts to “‘Tuesdays in Ballard’ coming this summer”

  1. “So, I'll ask….who says we WANT to encourage people from elsewhere to come to Ballard to “shop, eat and play here”? I'm not sure I do.”


    You do realize that if only Ballard residents shopped, ate and played in Ballard there would be nowhere to shop, eat and play, right?

  2. As someone who works in retail in Ballard I am looking forward to this meeting. Hopefully we will be able to come together as a community of business owners/managers and come up with some great ideas to help us all out.

    Patooties – you must have your head up yours if you don't want a better business district in Ballard. Less retail & restaurants =less employment = empty streets =more homeless and druggies…what, do you want us to turn into Belltown too? If you want to live somewhere that has no outsiders then I recommend that you move to the middle of nowhere, try Eastern Montana…there's hundreds of miles of nothing but prarie.

  3. Well said, Mt Girl. The reason I put up with the rising rent cost of living in Ballard is because I can walk to really great shops, restaurants, and bars. And, from what I've been hearing, rent has been going up for those businesses too. So, let's get people out here to spend money on the neighborhood places we know and enjoy before they're all gone.
    I think this is a great idea.

  4. this sounds really cool! since i live & work in ballard, i really have everything that i need right here in our own little paradise! i hope it catches on to turn things from this downward spiral into an upward, positive motion.

    cute design as well:)

  5. I remember 15 years ago walking around the fairly bedraggled business district in Ballard and seeing signs that said “Is it Tuesday? Then there's a Sale in Ballard!”

    So there's precedent at least!

  6. Yeah, if Patooties plan happens, my investment in plywood will look very smart…
    …the more boarded up buildings the better…ca-ching! >-(

  7. Its campaigns and efforts like this that build and maintain my affinity for Ballard! Though not a resident, the neighborhood is one of my faves and is home to many of my favorite restaurants and shops. I am excited to see what this grassroots campaign entails and I will be sure to post it to my site! Hopefully we will begin seeing fewer and fewer store closures and all neighborhoods of Seattle, especially the wonderful ones like Ballard!

  8. What a great meeting last night. Thank you to the “Tuesday's in Ballard Task Force” for getting the ball rolling. Very informative and well planned, I think we all appreciate all the hard work you put into getting this started. So many great ideas and I can just feel the comraderie bubbling up in our business district.

    Also, a big Thank You to Ballard Community Center for donating the meeting room and to Ray's for the yummies.

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