8-year-old helps mom raise money for Cancer Walk

When Sharon Feliciano’s aunt survived a fight with breast cancer, she realized the impact the disease can have. “Her bout with cancer made me think about the several scares my own mother has had and what that meant for me and my family,” Feliciano says. Instead of worrying about the disease, she is doing something to help find a cure. Feliciano signed up for the Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk, and she started raising money. When her 8-year-old son realized that his mom was worried about not meeting her fundraising goal of $2,300, he decided to sell lemonade and donate the money to her cause.

Nathan set up shop outside Arcane Comics (5809 15th Ave NW) on Wednesday and sold water, cookies, lemonade and red vines to anyone who came by.

The Whittier Elementary second grader made triple digits in sales. “We were all kind of expecting to make 20 or so dollars,” Feliciano says, “To walk away with 100 is testament to the generosity of Arcane customers and Ballardites.”

Feliciano says that Nathan has decided to set up his lemonade stand again on Saturday in the same location. If you can’t make it by and would like to donate, here’s a link to Sharon’s donation page.

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22 thoughts to “8-year-old helps mom raise money for Cancer Walk”

  1. good for this little guy! this is very inspiring and very cool that he is already in the mindset to “find a cure” at his age!

    I wish him the best of luck and want him to know how cool it is to do good things:)

  2. Great story! Its kind of surprising how easy it can be to raise a little money. An old friend of mine is fighting breast cancer paying for treatment out of pocket her insurance won't cover. She has to fundraise like this. When I heard her goal is to raise 100,000 by august 1, I was dumbfounded. I was dumbfounded again, when I learned that in 30 days she raised over 60,000.

  3. Epic story. Please remember there are other more deadly form of cancers as well which receive literally a fraction of the funding of breast cancer is awarded.

  4. true, but every little bit helps and this is a very positive great thing that this kid & his mom are doing. i wish cancer would have not taken my mom so early as i would have loved to do stuff like this with her!

  5. This is fantastic. I just raised $3100 for cancer early detection research (plug: The Ride to Conquer Cancer — VNC to SEA, this weekend, great cause!), but I did it the lazy way, with emails and Facebook. Looks like I'll be sharing a tent with a guy who greatly out-fundraised me, in part by hosting a pub night and charging admission.

    This active type of fundraising gets so many people involved, which is just as important as the money.

  6. Which fraction, 99/100ths or 1/1,000,000?

    I understand your point, though.
    “A fraction” has been a pet peeve of mine since the SATs many years ago. The test giver said “an incorrect response will result in a loss of ONLY a fraction a point. So it would make since to guess if you can eliminate any (multiple choice) answers.” What fraction am I losing???

    Perhaps more people should raise money for prostate, lung or ovarian cancer in a similar fashion as this young man. Great story.

  7. Maybe that's because more than just a fraction of women are sufferers of breast cancer. Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death, eclipsed only by lung cancer.

    Nathan has done a wonderful thing. What an inspiration!

  8. I'm a regular forums poster here, and I'm also Nathan's mom. Thanks to all for your support and thanks to the Geeky Swedes for their coverage! Nathan looks forward to meeting more of our neighbors on Saturday. We will be out at noon and will probably be there until Arcane closes at 8.

    It's very true that there are many types of cancer and other horrible diseases out there, and everyone single one of them is devastating for the people involved. I chose breast cancer because of my family connection to it, and because it's estimated that 1 in 8 women will get Breast Cancer at some point in their lives. I encourage and challenge you all to find a cause you are passionate about and get out there and raise some money for research.

    Hope to see you Saturday!

  9. Kudoes, Sharon! And kudoes to Arcane for hosting you. I like that shop a lot, and I think they're kind of unknown because of their location. If they get some foot traffic because of this, all the better.

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