Neighbors gather for scavenger hunt

About 30 people turned out for the first-ever Loyal Heights scavenger hunt.

Mindy Terence, the organizer of the event was excited with the turnout, especially all the families. “It’s all about the kids,” she told us as the families started the hunt. There were three different “hunts.” One for young kids, one for older kids and one for adults. Each category had a different mission, all leading to the field at noon for a group photo (shown above.) If you weren’t able to make it today, Mindy assures us that this is just the first Loyal Heights scavenger hunt.

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2 thoughts to “Neighbors gather for scavenger hunt”

  1. Appreciate that chopper_74.

    Just want to give a shout-out to Jen O, Amy J, Erica H, Marcie G, MelissaV of LHCC and all the neighbors who came, participated and contributed to the hunt and potluck.

    Also would like to give props to these local businesses who contributed their time and/or some goodies: Laura Bee Designs, Gabriel's Fire, and Loyal Realty.

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