Scenes from the My Ballard community meetup

Thank you everyone who stopped by Bergen Place this evening to say hello!

It was our first-ever My Ballard meetup, and as a community-powered site, we were excited to meet many of our readers and contributors.

Many people stopped by to meet other My Ballard readers. “Who are you in the forum?” was a common question we heard.

DJ Disco Vinnie from Romanza lit up Bergen Place with 70’s and 80’s tunes.

And Dante served up his famous Inferno Dogs.

Folks picked up Tuesdays in Ballard maps and T-shirts from Friends of Bergen Place and Loyal Heights Block Watch. Our thanks to the In Ballard Merchant Association, Friends of Bergen Place and Marvin’s Garden, Neighborhood District Coordinator Rob Mattson and Seattle Parks for helping us throw the event! (Romanza and Dante are My Ballard advertisers.)

Geeky Swedes

The founders of My Ballard

35 thoughts to “Scenes from the My Ballard community meetup”

  1. Oh, wish I'd met up with the Geeky Swedes! My mom was itching to get to the new French place so we didn't stick around. Next time. :-)
    I wanted to thank them in person for helping with the Discus stuff. Let me know where you'll be next week, guys!

  2. 1- Those hotdogs rock! (and thank heavens I'm not in the pics.)
    2-I then went and tried that ice cream in a bun thing at Snacks. Sounds wierd, but OMG it tasted so good! I never would have guessed it would be that tasty.

  3. Great meetup! DJ Vinnie rocked the fuzzy white knee-hi platforms, met some great peeps from the forum and several dogs too! Thanks to the Geeky Swedes for puttin this on, and to Dante for the great dogs, and Romanza people for the music! Nice to finally put faces to names! Let's do it again sometime! (Oh and great to see you Silver! and great to hang out with Black Sheep also!)

  4. I was sorry to miss it–I was planning to go but then an old friend came to town unexpectedly. I hope you guys do this again cuz I really want to go and meet the folks from my 'hood, in person and live.

  5. Actually, forgot I'll be out of town next Tuesday. Let us know when the next big MyBallard shindig is, Geeky Swedes! I'll mark it in the calendar.
    Sorry I only stayed long enough to scratch the head of somebody's dog and buy a block watch t-shirt.
    Nora Bell (aka Trix)

  6. Good times! And good for business. John from Romanza told me about a wine tasting they were having, and I ended up heading down there afterward and buying a bottle.

  7. hahahaaa! Well my nickname in certain areas of my life is soberdog and
    I've had that for years, plus I couldn't remember my
    password on here and not sure why but just opened a new account rather
    than wait to get my password or whatever…jeez.

  8. I am sorry to have missed some of youze! milo dakkat and the artist formerly known as trix, in particular. I am pretty sure I have a good idea who Chopper is now. Did you talk to me Chopper, without giving your name? :)

  9. I'm sorry to have left without meeting anyone, Angelatini. The irony is that Bastille was really packed by then anyway. Mom and I ended up at Conor Byrnes. She never did get her frittes.
    Gilman Girl could pick me out of a lineup. I'm the one who made the dumb comment to her about name tags before rushing off.

  10. Thanks Swedes it was a great party. I'm sure pulling it together was no easy feat!

    Not only did I enjoy meeting everyone, but dog liked it too. Usually she can not stand still, but as we walked away, and waited for the light to change at the corner of market and 22nd, she looked back the entire time longingly. I could tell she wanted to stay!

  11. I saw somebody that I thought looked like you today. Can't remember where, though. ;-) Were you with, like, 3 other people?

    Wasn't it just a perfect day for a walk?

  12. No, I was alone, waiting for the light to cross 15th. I had my hair up and you came from behind me, so I wasn't surprised that you didn't recognize me. It took a minute for my brain to catch up, so by the time I thought, “oh, hey, that's Silver, I should say hi”, you were way up the street. Next time!

    And yes – the weather was beautiful.

  13. Thanks for inviting me, Angelatini! I had a good time.

    I don't know if I rock or not, but I sure can't sing like you! Nicely done. :)

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