Garbage cans and mailboxes blown up overnight

Loud bangs woke neighbors up overnight when garbage cans and metal mailboxes were blown up.

KIRO-TV is reporting that mailboxes on NW 95th and NW 97th were blown up between 1:30 and 2 a.m. According to Rob, this recycling bin was also blown up on NW 70th. Silver writes in the forum, “It sounds like a bunch of teens in a van have been active this morning blowing up garbage cans and mailboxes, as well as breaking out car windows.” Another garbage can on 17th may have also been hit. NK commented, “So maybe it wasn’t a car that hit the garbage can on NW 17th. That would explain the bits in my front yard.”

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  1. I wonder if it's the same “kids in a van” who drove by our house the other day and threw a Mike & Ike's bottle at us in our yard. And when I came storming out to the street in a huff one of them yelled, “Oh shit!” and they threw a bunch of empty alcohol bottles and a bunch of junk food wrappers into my neighbor's yard and drove off really fast. Lovely.

  2. Let's get a good description/license plate of the suspect van folks.
    Forward it to the SPD.
    Summer is just getting underway, gotta nip it in the bud.

  3. I wonder if these are the same yahoos that were trying to blow up the port-a-potty at Ballard Commons Park late in the evening on the 4th of July. I live right across the street, and there were a series of five or six of the loudest booms I've ever heard from about 10pm to 12:30am. I called 911 a couple of times to report it, but never saw any response. When they finally decided that the potty wasn't going to yield, their parting shot was to plant an explosive inside a yellow pages book. That created a lovely shower of paper bits that blanketed all of 58th for someone else to clean up. Losers!!!

  4. I heard those booms all the way over near 65th and 24th, wow. And Now I wonder about the car window glass I saw in a pile in a parking space over at the big Fred Meyer the other day. Agreed, let's be on the lookout for the license plate of these little monsters.

  5. We live near Adams Elementary – and the garbage cans up on the playfield were all blown up there as well (along with the copious amounts of dog poo bags that were in said garbage cans)

  6. Totally, totally lame and unacceptable. Let's all be on the lookout. I just don't understand kids that ruin personal property as a form of fun. Robberies aren't good either, but at least they make sense. The person takes money or things that they can then use. Taggers and hooligans like this need a good lesson like a night in jail or a huge fine so their behavior can be nipped in the bud. Guessing and hoping that most of them would get freaked out and quit.

  7. I live next to the house whose recycling bin was blasted into the stratosphere on 70th and Dibble. When we woke up, we thought we were in life-threatening danger. It terrified my whole family.

    The police were very kind to us and helped us to calm down after discovering it was probably just a bunch of yee-haws with leftover fireworks. Thank you Seattle Police. We were able to go to sleep knowing you we tracking those idiots down.

  8. Heard the booms loud and clear right outside our house on 97th & 8th. Cautiously moved to the window to see if they were there, but didn't see anything. Earlier this week some punks smashed my car's rear-view mirror and dumped soda all over the hood…sounds like the same kids.

  9. speaking of teens and their mischief – there have been a lot of teens getting bums to buy them beer at the corner store at 28th and market. kids will be kids, but they are starting to drink in the parking lot there and i saw one pee behind the dumpster! i'm sick of these brats ruining my neighborhood – what gives?

  10. Congrats Ballard…. This is what happens when kids no longer have safe and positive places to go such as Sunset Bowl and Denny's.

  11. Nothing better than a bunch of lowlifes driving around our fair neighborhood at night, playing with incendiary devices!!!

    I hope they realize that blowing things up isn't child's play and is a federal offense, and blowing up mailboxes will get the US Postal Service Police on your ass. Niiiiiice.

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