Phase 3 of Ballard Corners Park to start soon

The fence came down at Ballard Corners Park more than two months ago, but the project isn’t finished just yet.

According to David Folweiler, co-chair of Friends of Ballard Corners Park, work on Phase 3 is likely to begin in the next few weeks.

This final phase is expected to cost more than $30,000, and it and includes building the corner store (shown above, courtesy Barker Landscape and the Friends of Ballard Corners Park), adding another bench in the south rain garden, planting more trees, some lawn restoration, sealing the foundation walls to protect against graffiti and fill in the gap between the sidewalk and the pad for the bench in the north rain garden. Once Phase 3 is complete, there will be an official grand opening party. We’ll keep you updated…

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15 thoughts to “Phase 3 of Ballard Corners Park to start soon”

  1. The corner store is such a cool idea! I can't wait to see it completed.

    I'm impressed with the creativity and craftsmanship of what's been done at Ballard Corners so far. The sofa and chair are a fun conversation starter for neighbors meeting neighbors.

    Anybody know if they need volunteers for this next phase?

  2. Has anyone tried the structure in the park that spins (kid in teal coat is on it in the picture)? It's awesome if your kid likes making him or herself dizzy (which my 9 year old son extremely enjoys). You can really get it going pretty fast and it's pretty much self-propelled. I wish playgrounds had this “ride” when I was younger.

  3. I love this park! They did a fantastic job, and phase 3 sounds great. I love that they DID NOT include a sandbox. I also love that the climbing structure is geared towards older kids. Beautiful landscaping. I hope everyone will respect this beautiful creation and keep it in good shape. Taggers, stay away!!

  4. Yeah… but what they neglected to mention is that the “spinning play structure” already installed is also part of the anti-graffiti system for the park, see? As soon as the spraypaint-detection-system verifies that painting is happening, the spinning structure fires up its underground solid-fueled rocket shooting the structure approximately 500 feet in the air and spinning at approximately 6000 rpm before the on-board targetting system takes over to wheel around and nail the taggers foot to the ground. With a 20-foot long piece of steel firmly holding the tagger in place (unless he gnaws his leg off, of course), the police will have plenty of time to respond to the 911 signal that will be automatically emailed by the park's system.

  5. Yes, I'm here, still working on Phase 2!

    By the way, what's up with happy50thhawaii? Can dish it out but can't take it? That's why I enjoy the forum posts so much!

  6. I'm sure you can relate to happy50th's position.

    When YOU steal underpants, everything's great, but when someone steals YOUR underpants?

    Bitchy. Little. Gnome.

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