Seattle Gymnastics Academy coming to Ballard

Another established Seattle business is expanding to Ballard. Seattle Gymnastics Academy has been around since the 80’s in Northeast Seattle, and it will be opening a fourth location at 5313 Shilshole Ave NW the end of August. They’re a full-scale facility with Olympic-quality equipment and offer gymnastics classes for everyone from 8 months old to adults. This is also where the Ballard High School Cheer squad works out. As Amy J writes in the forum, “My favorite thing about Seattle Gymnastics (other than the awesome foam pit and great teachers) is that they have tots class running concurrently with older kids classes — so if you were a sucker like me and have two children in close age, you can typically have your children in classes at the same time.” We’ve added them our map tracking the many incoming and outgoing businesses in Ballard these days.

One other business note: We stopped in to 3 Girls Bakery on 15th to get the scoop on their opening. They tell us that all their permits are in order and they’re already baking in the back. They’re trying to get into the rhythm of servicing their Pike Place shop before opening their retail business in Ballard. The goal is to be open here around the first of August. (Thanks Amy and Michelle for emailing us!)

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  1. Let's get the burke-gilman completed (shovel ready, permits in hand, we've been waiting 6 yrs!! since approval) so gymnasts far and wide can stretch out there legs on theirway to somersault practice.

    People — we've got to accept the mixing and matching of our work and play lives, in the same way we've got to find solutions to mixing transportation and work modes. Consider letting Salmon Bay Sand and Gravel and Ballard Oil know of your unhappiness with their continued legal challenge to building a section of bgt that's been in the works for over a decade.

    (Sorry to introduce this flashpoint issue, but this post about a new non-industrial business moving into a quasi-industrial area begs the question, and comment. )

    Welcome to Ballard, Seattle Gymnastics!

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