Ballard hydro takes top Seafair trophy

A new racing dynasty is emerging right here in Ballard — the Ellstrom family, who just won the Chevrolet Cup trophy at Seafair this weekend with their hyro, U-16 Ellstrom Elam Plus, piloted by Dave Villwock. The hydro’s cutting-edge design was created right here in Ballard, at Ellstrom Manufacturing.

Despite a tough few days leading up to the race, from burned-out wiring to tearing the wing off a boat, the Ellstrom team pulled it off. “It was quite a race,” Villwock said. “I think we put on a great show.” The U-16 dominated the finals, easily winning the trophy. Congrats Ellstrom family!

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3 thoughts to “Ballard hydro takes top Seafair trophy”

  1. It was a great day at Seafair! Took the light rail from Westlake to the Columbia Station and walked the rest. It was way too easy and only cost $8 for two round trip.

  2. Not too bad for a buncha local yocals. I WAS one of those (when much younger) that had a wooden hydro towed behind a Schwinn in Crown Hill. Back when, what people were here weren't on the roads that day, they were watching it at a party or there. And to think we STILL have the same signals at most Ballard intersections. Hmmmm

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