New wood-fired pizza joint opens soon

The much-anticipated wood fired pizza spot at 1415 NW 70th is almost open.

Delancey is having their soft opening this week and will be officially open for business next Wednesday. Anticiplate went there for dinner and tweeted, “@Delanceyseattle was fabulous. Dough was perfect. We had Margarita and Anchovy and Zuchinni. Wine list was flawless too.” Since we live a few streets away, we’re looking forward to trying it out.

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  1. Those would be nice–especially the fish and chips. I agree there are a lot of pizza places, although I'm excited to try this one!

    how does a wine list have no flaws?

  2. OMG THERE ARE SO MANY <insert cuisine> PLACES IN BALLARD ALREADY! HOW ABOUT A FEW <insert cuisine>, <insert cuisine>, OR <insert cuisine> RESTAURANTS?????

  3. Venture out of Ballard all the way over to Fremont for some fish 'n chips at Pacific Inn.

    I gaurantee it'll be worth the long commute.


  4. At first glance it seems like Ballard is filled with a bunch of the same sorts of places to eat-and therefore another wood-fired pizza place seems doomed from the outset-(does anyone not like Veracis?) However, if one thinks of Ballard as a series of micro-neighborhoods-it makes sense. I eat at Veracis because i can walk there and it is excellent-I can see people in the micro-hood area around Delancy doing the same thing. The only issue is whether there is enough neighborhood volume to support them year-round.
    PS I would go to Ballard Bothers for Fish and Chips-I just wish their ambience was a bit nicer…AND why cant Ballard have a decent dessert store? Why is Wallingford so special that they have Molly Moon and we dont??? Humph!!

  5. Don't know if it qualifies as 'good' since I haven't had it, but the LockSpot has fish and chips.
    Isn't there an Indian restaurant on Market? And there's Qazi's in Fremont too.

  6. This little sub-neighborhood is really coming into its own! A Caprice Kitchen, Honore, and now high-end pizza. Not to mention all the stuff on 65th just a few blocks away.

  7. I came from the UK where there are so many great Indian restaurants it is hard to find a bad one! The one in Ballard, is just ok, and I have tried countless ones recommended in the U-District and not found one that I would call good. The nearest one I can find in in Vancouver Canada!
    As for Fish & Chips, the Lock Stock is terrible as the fish is frozen and then fried and the fries are fries and not thick cut chips! I hate the fact they market themselves as a kind of British Fish & Chips place.

    I know I sound picky but these are the two things I really miss from the UK, apart from that I love Seattle!

  8. I have never had good fish and chips anywhere in America. Americans seem to think that thickish French Fries qualify, but that is not the case. Seattle is also short on decent Indian food.

  9. When I fall off the veggie wagon I do it at The Lockspot. Great chowder and great fish and chips. And there is also the India Buffet on Market. Haven't been there in a long time but it used to be very good.

  10. Ooh… I used to work at Chinooks as a hostess. I hated it.

    But then they put me in Little Chinooks and it was awesome. (This was years ago BTW.) Great fish 'n chips. They offer cod, halibut and salmon. Yum!

  11. Hey, I'm assuming 'NY Style' means thin crust? Is there thick crust pizza in Ballard? Not to be picky but the thinner crusts seem to be the popular idea of pizza these days, which is why my pizza budget always goes to Zekes.

  12. decent Indian restaurant = India Bistro (22nd and Market, I think)

    And by “decent” I mean the best Indian restaurant in Seattle.

  13. Brandon and Molly LIVE in Ballard, plus Molly not only writes for Bon Appetit, she is the author of a very popular cookbook, AND a wonderful blog. So if you want to gripe about getting an additional Indian restaurant or add to the fish and chips places, an article about their new restaurant is NOT the place to do it.

    I look forward to trying their pizza (but I hope the “zuchinni” misspelling was the Kari the ballerina's, and not Brandon or Molly's).

  14. I was in the neighborhood last Thursday during the heatwave and walked by Delancy. Brandon was in there covered in sweat, toiling away in front of the oven, trying to perfect his dough recipe! I made a comment about how I thought he was crazy and he invited me in to try a slice. He had piles of pies and offered me one of the fresh ones after clarifying that it wasn't the sauce or cheese that he would be using for the final product. The pie was fantastic! The best I've had in Seattle! We talked about the troubles of getting good mozzarella here in Seattle (I could relate after having lived in Brooklyn for the better part of a decade) and I left looking forward to mouth around the finished product as soon as possible!

  15. I had dinner at Delancey's last night during the soft opening. It is the best pizza in Seattle. The food seems simple but the flavor is so spot on that you know it didn't just happen. Blood, sweat and tears went into perfecting these recipes.

    We're going back every chance we get.

  16. I always thought Seattle was a hotbed for handmade cheeses.

    Is he really still trying to perfect the dough recipe just a few days before opening? I was under the impression the actual recipe was taken care of long ago.

    there is more to a good pizza than the dough. I've had some awesome sauces, and some that were sickingly sweet or otherwise. I won't name names, but look forward to sampling Brandon's work.

  17. I have to agree with you about the Indian food. After several trips to London, no Indian food I have had in Seattle is even comparable to most any place there. For fish & chips, I never really liked any I had in the UK at any price. They were all too greasey with flavorless breading. I have to say though, with all the great food London offers, I really try to avoid the fish & chips most of the time and opt for something really good.

  18. We did the soft opening this evening and I couldn't agree more. The pizza was amazing and the overall experience, I thought, was very good..especially given its newness–very few kinks to work out.

    Welcome to the neighborhood, Delancey.

  19. A lot of people who've never set foot in any of the five boroughs will make a matzoh cracker with Ragu and call it New York style…it isn't. New York style isn't paper thin, just thick enough to still have some doughiness without being rigid.
    Chicago style is just a bastardization of Scicilian and New York styles, basically Scicilian without the oil and made with New York ingredients.
    California is a anything goes on top of Domino's which should be shut down with the exception of Pizza Port in Solana Beach.
    I'm looking forward to trying Delancey and hope that it isn't just another cracker with fancy ingredients you'd never see in a real NY pizza joint. If it is, I hope that they do it well and don't just go crazy throwing wacky veggies on it for the sake of being different.

  20. india bistro is probably the worst indian restaurant in seattle.

    caustic sugary sauce, fatty bits of chicken, fragments of bone. dont bother.

  21. I'm not looking for authenticity, SPG. And all the new pizza joints all the time that serve that cracker crust pizza. Sheesh! I'm just looking for a pizza I have to unhinge my jaw for. ;-)
    That said, I'll give this place a fair shot.

  22. I'm not espousing authenticity for the sake of it, it's just that there's a reason that certain styles became dominant…they work and they taste good.
    Let's hope Delancey is good. I could go for a good pizza around here.

  23. Sorry you don't like the fish and chips at the Lockspot. You wrong, though, the fish is not frozen. I worked there for five years. The fish is fresh and hand cut. It is never frozen.

  24. India Bistro is where I go when I want comfort food. Alu Mutter Paneer! I don't know how authentic it is, but it fills me up in a delightfully satisfying way. Plus – the service is always good!

  25. OOps! Sorry, you're right. I assisted in topic drift. ;-(

    I am very much looking forward to enjoying pizza at Delancey, ASAP.

    He's such a sweet person that people may end up calling his restaurant “Brandon's Place.”

  26. Well, Ballard still has better Pubs, but Magnolia now has the pie shop to end all pie shops. I think Seattle Pie also does sandwiches and such. But I never make it past the pie.

  27. Qazi's Indian Restaurant in Fremont is where you want to be! The best indian food in Seattle that I've found….try their Mango Curry and Butter Chicken!! Oh, and they have an $8 lunch buffet!! So good, so good!

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