Delivery day at new Maritime brewhouse

It’s delivery day at the new Maritime Pacific brewhouse.

The equipment for the new, larger brewhouse is being off-loaded at the new facility at 1111 NW Ballard Way.

As we wrote last month, Maritime is closing its current location, as well as the Jolly Roger Taproom, and moving into the larger space. At the new location they will be able to brew four batches of 40 barrels of beer each day, compared with the current four batches of 16 barrels. “We can’t make enough of the Imperial Pale. We can’t make enough Seattle Lager. We have a hard time keeping up bottling Imperial IPA,” George Hancock said. The new brewhouse and Jolly Roger Taproom could open as early as October.

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13 thoughts to “Delivery day at new Maritime brewhouse”

  1. Looking forward to the move. The increased productive capacity is very welcome, I've been awaiting it since early last year.
    Can't wait to crash the new tap room ;-)

  2. Huzzah for the Jolly Roger! My favorite bar–by far–and I'm glad they're increasing the size of both the brewery and the taproom.

  3. Anyone know when the old taproom is closing? I have passed it many times but never been there and need to at least check it out before the move!

  4. Juan,
    Do what I did, buy a $599 kegerator and then get a pony keg of Islander every month and have your own Maratime beer on tap. Yum

  5. As a long time beer drinker I have to vote for Maratime Pacific as the best beer in the world as far as I am concerned. Well I am nicely toasted with Islander right now but that is besides the point.
    Best beer ever.
    I recomend getting a kegerator and a 1/4 or 1/2 barrel of Islander or IPA (if you can take it!) and have it on tap when you want and when friends drop by or to fill your own growlers to take out.

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