Homestreet employees harvest veggie crop

Homestreet bank has become more than just a bank. It’s also home to a p-patch for its employees.

Terri Silver of Homestreet emailed us this photo of Dean KiloDavis, a mortgage loan officer, with his crop of veggies. Last year the branch transformed some of their flower beds into vegetable gardens. This year they expanded the crop to a planting strip that is now full of squash and corn. Silver tells us that extra produce will be donated to the Ballard Food Bank.

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10 thoughts to “Homestreet employees harvest veggie crop”

  1. How cool is this? I always like the idea of folks growing their own vegetables, but a bank providing a space for their employees? How awesome! The donations will only make it that much sweeter.

  2. My goodness, a bank with a heart. Very cool.
    On the other hand, I've always assumed my bank (BoA) is run by evil androids bent on world domination.

  3. Ha, I used to have B of A, and while everyone was complaining about them, I thought they were fine. Then they did a bunch of things I didn't agree with in a short period of time earlier this year, so I closed all of my accounts and moved to Homestreet.
    So far, so good!

  4. Yeah, incredible responsibility from a bank. They should be rewarded with a lot of support from the community.
    Sounds like a good place to work and bank.
    Somebody ought to forward this story to those *ss-hats at Chase…

  5. The same a$$hats that donated only one piece of art from the massive WAMU collection to the Seattle Art Museum and shipped all the rest back east to New York. (And canceled the WAMU firework show!)

    “Your new local bank” my a$$!

  6. We're been HomeStreet customers are more than 10 years. Everyone we've interacted with (tellers, loan officers) has been so helpful and friendly. The company really seems interested in connecting with the communities where their branches are by doing things like the garden. Plus the Ballard branch on 15th sometimes has fresh popcorn and chocolate chip cookies!

  7. Ah, in support of mom, I will say that banks that have this level of customer service, generally have doggy treats. Shameful, because doggy doesn't understand that EVERY WINDOW DOESN'T HAVE TREATS!…lol
    You guys are just setting a very bad example, now we expect it everywhere, do you not understand the harm???
    Sorry, it was for mom.

  8. Such a nice story why bring negativity to it?

    I think the garden is a great reflection of the people who work there. I am sure that there are nice people who work at other banks too, maybe just not as creative as the folks at this bank.

  9. We've been using Homestreet Bank for several years and have been very pleased. On Fridays they usually have home baked cookies and popcorn that you can eat while sitting on the couch in front of the fireplace. Very cozy.

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