Nearby: Mystery man, missing boy, Troll, arson

There have been lots of interesting news stories in our nearby neighborhoods over the past couple days. Here are a few headlines…

Mystery man who wondered out of Discovery Park may be identified
‘Rambunctious’ 3 year-old found wandering around Queen Anne
Magnolia couple arrive home and surprise burglars inside

Mayor hears plans to revitalize the green space around the Troll
Seattle Fire donates money to Greenwood arson victims
Vacant ‘problem house’ on corner of 85th and 6th torn down

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2 thoughts to “Nearby: Mystery man, missing boy, Troll, arson”

  1. Not sure if this is the same tree you were talking about. If no, then we have a spontaneous epidemic in the combustible form happening here

    Neighbor reports going outside at 2:am this morning to witness a 15ft catalpa tree set afire inside the hollow interior. The exterior of the tree appears okay except for some singed parts on the leafy top.

    No lights on at the house where the fire took place, unknown who called in the fire. If the fire had not been put out, it would have set afire two 100-150 ft. cedars and the house against them. (personal side note: are we city foresters as opposed to city gardeners and wise to allow cedars and firs to grow 100-300 ft. and pose potential hazards.)

    Firefighters did not offer any information and, according to the neighbor, were reluctant to speak to the neighbor at all.

    Very suspicious and noteworthy.

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