Interview clothes cleaned for free

This economy is tough. Unemployment in Washington state is nearly 9 percent so available jobs are in high demand. Job seekers need to do everything possible to stand out from the crowd. Mike Erstad, the owner of National Drycleaners on Crown Hill, has started a program to help applicants look their best. National will clean and press an interview outfit for free, no strings attached.

“I thought this might help, maybe in a small way, but still help,” Mike said, explaining that many of his customers are feeling the pinch. “Lots of little positives will eventually add up.” He said he started the program in May “and will keep doing it until the unemployment numbers start to improve.”

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5 thoughts to “Interview clothes cleaned for free”

  1. Wow. A very nice gesture. Especially since the economy must be hurting them a bit too. I know I'm tossing more into a washing machine than I normally would. Dry clean only? What dry clean only?

  2. On a related note…

    West Seattle photographer Rasmus Rasmussen is offering to help local job seekers. Starting at 11 am today (Tuesday), he'll take free head shots for those looking for jobs and needing photos. He's at C & P Coffee at 5612 California SW. I heard on TV he’ll photograph up to 120 people today.

  3. This place (National Drycleaners) is great… especially Mike who is such a nice small business owner. He's certainly earned my family's repeat business.

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