10 thoughts to “My Ballard nominated for journalism award”

  1. YES! It's all about being a community resource. Way to go!!!

    I love the way we often collaborate on a story. Different people fill in bits of information, and then the Swedes do some fact checking. It's way better than broadcast journalism. I like feeling involved in the process!

  2. Congratulation to MyBallard and the Geeky Sweedes. You truly are the diamond in online Journalism.
    When we moved here 6 months ago from Tacoma I knew nothing about Ballard and I didnt know a soul. Thanks to MyBallard since day one I know much about a community I have come to love dearly. Thanks to the forums I now have many friends and can log on at any time to find out what Ballard truly thinks. Thank you so much Geeky Sweedes for making Ballard home. I am know as NancyPants on the forum….

  3. This is great news, but may I ask “Are you making any money at MyBallard and all your other sites?” Yes, we live in Seattle and such a question could be thought of as quite silly!–Who needs money when something as altruistic as instant neighborhood media that is unbiased and fair, free from big corporate sponsors and advertisers is your livelihood!

    You do have some advertisers, but does that pay the rent, your salaries, health care, etc? Really, how can great journalism (In depth journalism) be had for free? What is the Times paying you for this service? Yes, great exposure, but really you can just read it on the Times site.

    I come with a huge bias as I am an unemployed journalist and still licking my wounds. Myballard is one of the best, if not the best Hyperlocal News sites in the country. With that said, who is paying the bills? There seem to be a lot of you on foot and you cover each and every single event in many neighborhoods. Where do you find the time? Again, you all will go to your graves having done a super thing in this world with these sites, but again, who is paying the bills?

  4. Well that's just Super Duper! There's nothing better than professional recognition to confirm what we already know…MyBallard is a fantastic web site. I'm sorry I missed this little blurb until now. It sort-of got smothered by the “hot” topics.

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