New cougar sighting, Discovery Park closed

Discovery Park has been shut down after another Magnolia resident spotted a cougar in the area. The Department of Fish and Wildlife is setting traps in the area, and officers will attempt to track the cougar with Karelian bear dogs. Our sister site, MagnoliaVoice, was the first to break the story about the cougar, and they have complete coverage here.

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29 thoughts to “New cougar sighting, Discovery Park closed”

  1. There's a lot of cougars in Magnolia. Most of them hunt on younger dudes though. Or they're at The Villiage Pub. I would say that if you stay away from any place that serves Busch Light, you should be safe.

  2. if I see one more 'Cougar-as-an-older-woman-on-the-prowl' joke, I might just throw up. I mean, don't the males hunt at all? where did this analogy come from, some horrible reality tv show?

  3. Viceroy-You can thank the NHL hockey players for the cougar reference. Lighten up on the sensitivity…put your mochacinno down, and take a deep breath. While breathing in, remind yourself that there are people in this world with far less brain power than you. It should cool your nevers.

  4. I also don't understand the NHL reference.

    I mean there's the Panthers in Florida, but no Cougar team. And most NHL players probably get hot, young chicks, not some over-the-hill divorcee.

  5. I had never heard of Karelian bear dogs before, so I went to the WA Wildlife Dept's page, and read all about them. Funny thing, my mother bought a dog from a reservation litter a few years ago that we always assumed was a husky-cattle dog mix. Low and behold, I see her twin on that page, finally identifying her heritage! My mother insists she will still refer to her “Gypsy” as her “reservation mutt”. :)

  6. Damn, I was running laps at Discovery all morning and didn't see the kitty. Funny thing is I was running in Discovery because last time I went out to Cougar Mountain Park I did see a cougar. Go figure.

  7. As with the bear advice that has recently been appearing at various and sundry THs in the Cascades, just, remember these simple rules . . .

    Never pull a cougar's tail.

    Hugging cougar kittens is inadvisable.

    Don't play “Got Your Nose” with cougars.

    If a cougar steals your car keys, they're gone, dude.

    Don't lend money to cougars.

    Amateurish imitations of Sylvester, e.g., loudly exclaiming, “Sufferin' succotash!” will not placate an annoyed cougar.

    Never give cougar a wedgie.

  8. When I was a kid, we kept cougars as pets. Our pet cougar was the rowing team coxswain. That's when BHS teams were the Fighting Cougars. It's a funny story about how it was changed to the Beavers, but I'll tell that one another time.

    Now that we have condos and no good soda fountains the cougars aren't as interested in being part of the family.


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  10. Joolz ; I take it that you are up late on a school night. Either that , or you are one of the many jerks who moved here from some hellhole back East, bought an overpriced condo, eat sushi because it's “exotic”, and wonder why all the locals never invite you over, and think that they are all “unfriendly.”

    BTW, if you attended the Dog Day, you can pay me for/return any prize you may have received. That's 3 weeks of my life I'll never get back, and for the likes of people like you, it would seem.

  11. I do realize that virtually everyone who posts on this forum is from somewhere else. .most people who grew up here mainly don't care what newcomers think about much.

    Plus, virtually every single person who came to the Dog Day was a newcomer. How do I know? Because not one of them thanked me at the event. Not one. Not one person offered to get the volunteers a cup of coffee…and if they'd grown up in Seattle, they'd have nicer manners.

    Ergo, you can't be from here, either.

    Shouldn't you be in bed? Doesn't school start soon? Does your mom know you're up this late?

  12. I didn't attend dog day, because I don't have a dog. I haven't gotten over the death of my beloved scraps and i'm just not ready for another.

    I do think it's wonderful that you did it out of the goodness of your heart and for the love of the doggies of ballard! It's such a selfless act, especially since you've asked for nothing in return. It's a true testament to the Old Ballard spirit we share!

    I can assure you that had I attended, I'd have brought you coffee and would have even offered to fetch you a Reuben and a nice slice of pie. It's a shame there's no good pie in Ballard these days.

    School? I wish I were still in school, but I finished school when the earth was still cooling.

  13. Yeah, your sarcasm is heartwarming. Actually, I spent $100 of myown money, donated some of the prizes, and spent 3 weeks of my time for the dog owners of Ballard, for what? You're right, I got nothing in return. Except, apparently, getting kicked in the teeth.

    And I won't be doing it again, thanks. We were going to; but you've sealed the deal. Hey, all the dog owners can thank you! It's the new spirit of Ballard!

  14. Oh, yeah, I'll ask the Geeky Swedes for your email address, so the representatives of Old Dog Haven, PAWS, Purebred Dog Rescue and German Shepherd Search dogs who were there, will know exactly who to thank for not doing the event next year. We were planning to make it a benefit. This year it was free! I'm sure they'd like to thank you, personally.

    It's the NEW spirit of Ballard!

  15. I heard the term at least 10 years ago, probably more, and it was ski town parlance for the older ladies that would take advantage of the male:female ratio typical in most ski towns.

  16. Jules, Don't feed the trolls. It's like trying to win against a little kid repeating everything you say back to you. Unless you're going to have fun with it too, you won't win.
    Secondly, as much as I'd like to jump in here and get your back you're not making it easy for anyone to do so when you call them poor mannered hell hole dwellers and the root of all evil laying waste to was once Utopia. Can you really be surprised that when you go after an entire group of people that one of them might actually take the time to say something back? joolz may be an extremely irritating troll, and not particularly funny to me, but to some degree you are responsibility for inciting these attacks. I'd suggest you ignore them and they'll tire of the shtick. I'd also suggest you do a little soul searching about your attitude towards those you didn't grow up with and the insults you make toward them. And please don't just come back on here with a list of grievances against “the others” as it just further aggravates the situation.

  17. I am surprised that the cougar was spotted in Discovery Park. I would have thought a sighting would have occurred in the early morning hours near the bars. There is really no need to track her, especially with dogs. Food is not the best bait, either.

    The best bait is one or two colleged-aged men, slightly drunk, near the entrance of a bar. That is where you will find the cougar hunting. Excellent bait. The cougar will be attracted smell of liquor and allure of fresh meat.

    I expect the cougar to be spotted and controlled within 24 hours. TGIF!

    Wait . . . . am I getting this story wrong?

  18. Not true, I thanked you, but you ignored me and blew me off for one of your friends.

    I'm from LA, where everyone is from somewhere else and in my experience, very welcoming. Thankfully folks like you are few and far between in Ballard and Seattle. I've made lots of friends, many of them who grew up here.

    It's funny, I read the comments after Wuf-Da, and you seemed so happy about the event. I guess you were being disengenuous, because clearly you hated it and hated everyone who came. Sad.

  19. From the Seattle Times, below. Honestly, people, keep in mind that you aren't at the top of the food chain…you're in the middle. Cougars aren't afraid of people…they have been known to stalk humans. If there was a Benglas tiger running around Discovery Park, I'll bet these folks would say the same thing.

    “It's possible there could be a cougar around. There was one before,” she said. “But closing the park is really overreacting.”Another neighbor, who has lived across the street from the park since 1992, said she's skeptical of the reports.

    “Oh, for cryin' out loud,” she said. “I'm in that park every morning at quarter to seven and I've never seen a cougar.”

    “We saw a lot of helicopter activity, that's all,” said DeLuca. “I disagree with closing it. I'd think a cougar would be afraid of people and would find some hiding place.”

  20. How did this become about Dog Day? Do you intend to hold this over our heads all the time? It was a cool thing for Ballard and for dog owners in general, but you can't play martyr over something you and others volunteered to do.

    I do wish you'd take a look at the statements you make. You seem like an interesting lady with some good life experience and stories to tell, but the heavy-handed “us” vs “them” attitude is disturbing. I don't understand why you instantly cast someone who disagrees with you as a “them” from hellholes north, south, east or west of here.

    People come in all types and not all from each place are the same. I grew up here and have many friends who did not. Many of whom live in condos and… omg… eat sushi! They're still amazing people with great hearts who do good by their neighbors and city.

    You might have a better time around here if you tried to see the good in people, progress, etc instead of drawing the conclusion that bad = outsider = bad.

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