Details on ‘The Details’ movie

We headed down to old Ballard after hearing that “The Details” was filming along Ballard Avenue on Friday.

When we arrived “on set” we saw Elizabeth Banks sitting in the driver’s seat of this turquoise Volvo wagon.

According to one of the official-looking people in headsets, they’re shooting a breakup scene that doesn’t include Tobey Maguire. The IMDB write-up says the movie is “a black comedy about a couple whose disagreements over how to deal with their raccoon infestation leads to an escalating series of events.”

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7 thoughts to “Details on ‘The Details’ movie”

  1. Wow, this is pretty serendipitous! Seeing as how we seem to be having a raccoon infestation in Ballard where this film is being shot.

  2. Aha … it was Tobey Maguire I saw at Fred Meyer the other day. I almost ran into a guy in the aisle and thought he was one of my old friends from the “heavy partying” days because he looked so familiar. Thankfully, I didn't say anything because a couple minutes later I realized he looked familiar because I'd probably seen him in a movie or on tv. An search shows it was Toby Maguire. Glad I didn't say, “Don't I know you from the old junkie days?” = smirk =

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