Crown Hill QFC closing October 17th

The Crown Hill QFC, which has been slated for closure, now has a final date. The store will permanently close on October 17th at 6 p.m., according to Kristin Maas with QFC.

Maas tells us that the store is holding a close-out sale with 30 percent off grocery items and 40 percent off natural foods and health & beauty care items. The discounts don’t apply to books, magazines, alcohol, tobacco, pharmacy, gift cards and other items prohibited by law. Starting today the Crown Hill store will not be honoring the weekly print ad, she says, and is redirecting shoppers to use the Holman Road QFC (9999 Holman Road N.W.) Also starting today, the Crown Hill QFC will be open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. instead of 24 hours a day. Approximately 40 employees are being offered positions at other QFC stores. The new QFC store that is under construction on 24th Ave NW is slated to open mid-December, Maas tells us, but a firm date has not been set.

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  1. Oh man, Art's was our first neighborhood grocery store in Seattle in the mid '90s. We've moved away (to Wallyhood) but still visit from time to time.

  2. Interesting that they chose to close before the holiday season. I would have thought they would eek out one more chance to make some money.

  3. Not the QFC that was ART'S it is the QFC on 15th NW CROWN HILL. I always go to that QFC! Why do they not wait to close it till the other one opens? Can't they see they will loose customers in the interim? Crazy and bad business. I hate all the mega stores.. I went to that store specifically because it was small and comfy….

  4. grrr!

    Just a couple of weeks ago I asked the cashier how much longer they would be there, and she said December :(

    I am SO sad! Now the only stores I can walk to are Safeway & WalGreens. And I hate Safeway!

    I'm devastated……

  5. Gamewatcher, it's the QFC at the TOP of the hill, not Art's.

    I rarely shopped there, but I'm still sorry to see it close. It certainly did nothing for the sullen mood of some of their youthful, male cashiers.

  6. Well, dang! While it's good news the one on 24th will be back soon I wonder what will be filling the space left by the QFC on 15th. And will we be left with an empty crumbling building?

  7. IMO there is no way the 24th store will open in December. That building is nowhere near done, and at the rate they are going, almost nothing will happen there in the next 3 months.

  8. also… Crown Hill QFC hasn't been 24 hours in a long time.. like early this year maybe..

    I was told the new store (on 24th) opens in January.

  9. I was told by the QFC employees that the store is being replaced by….VALUE VILLAGE. haha. I guess Value Village is moving and apparently that store is slated to be replaced by…wait for it…wait for it…wait for it…GROCERY OUTLET.

  10. Bummer, I've been holding out hope that Greenwood Market would move into that space when it gets shut down for the new Mega-Meyer.

  11. “I hate all the mega stores.. I went to that store specifically because it was small and comfy….”

    Huh?? Apparently you're not aware of this but QFC is nothing more than a brand of Kroger. Kroger are the second largest grocer in the USA behind Wal-Mart. They are MUCH bigger than Safeway and haven't been a locally owned company for years. They still have a local marketing/operations team but that's also true of Whole Foods, Safeway, and most other chain stores.

  12. I as well have been hoping for the Greenwood market or PCC or something to help out the neighborhood. Grocery Outlet seems entirely inline with the 'Aurora Ave' quality stores that they keep putting in this neighborhood. Actually even Aurora has a PCC.

  13. My guess is their lease is up before then. Also they'll probably make more money by splitting the traffic between fewer stores, not more. Keep in mind grocery stores have the lowest margins of any retail business (this is why you don't see mom and pop supermarkets). Fewer stores means fewer expenses. Grocers are also not reliant on holiday sales as other retailers – they make money all year.

  14. I hope not though I think you're right. Aurora is truly a blight on Seattle and a great argument for why you need good zoning laws and better planning.

  15. It means affordable groceries. That's not a bad thing.
    I'm sad about the Greenwood Market situation too, but you know they weren't going to expand here or we would have heard by now.

  16. That is correct. They wanted to stay open until the QFC on 24th openned, but the owner did not want to extend their lease by just a few months. It would have been much simpler for them to just move the whole store and the employees to 24th when it openned. (In fact many of the employees at the 85th QFC were originally from the 24th store).

    Man…I know far too much about the local QFC employees!

  17. Like Fancy Feast? They have many of the same brands and cat food I can get at the Ballard Market for a lot less. When the pet food was recalled everyone threw it out, even Grocery Outlet. Nobody wants to incur the wrath of a mourning pet owner.

  18. Bring back Prairie Market!!!

    If not that, an independent grocer or even bringing back Albertson's to Crown Hill would be good for the neighborhood. Who cares about a bigger Value Village except at Halloween ? The VV parking lot is way too small for any grocery store to be successful.

    In case anyone has forgotten or never knew, Albertson's used to be where Petco is.

  19. Gee…
    Substance abuse center in downtown Ballard
    Mens homeless shelter which once housed a sex offender
    Value Village and now Grocery outlet.
    What in the heck is happening to Ballard.
    Homeless people crashing in my yard surrounded by beer bottles (this happened last week)
    We are getting “GHETTO”. Too bad, so sad!

  20. an Albertsons there would be soo nice. I moved to Seattle (& for a year Issaquah) from Marysville about 3 years ago, and its been difficult going from a semi-small town with 2 Albertsons to a major city with only 2 Albertsons.. but dreams, arn't reality, are they?

    Like I said earlier, cashier at Crown Hill QFC told me Value Village was moving in, BUT then again… another cashier told me they extended the lease to December. So, I dont believe anyone there anymore…

    and to the person who pointed out that QFC isn't a small store, but rather a division of Kroger, one of the largest grocery retailers in the county… BUT, I think what the original person who brought up that subject meant was… THIS particular location, on 15th & 85th WAS small. It was NOT a “mega” store, but rather a smaller grocery store…

    …And in my opinion, it was just right. I'm gonna miss it.

  21. The QFC is a dump. One of the worst QFC's I have ever been in. You can't get out of that store without waiting 5 minutes to check out. The only thing worse than that QFC I could think of to replace it is maybe a value village or a grocery outlet.

  22. yeah bummer there isn't going to be something a little more upscale — I shop at lots of different outlets but that area would be boosted by a PCC, and I,m sure it would pull lots of customers

  23. am I wrong or does the Ballard area have a supermarket every ten feet? Let's see TJ, Ballard market, GW market, 3x qfc, 3x safeway, wholefood in fremont, expanded Ken's, now grocery outlet, that big box store for sailors.

    clearly way more than other areas of seattle of similar size. Do we eat more?

  24. Yeah, you are wrong. A lot of the stores listed are not even in Ballard. Like the Greenwood Market. That is in Greenwood silly. There is not a whole foods in Fremont, there will be one in Interbay though – and the one in Ravenna. Ken's is in Greenwood. I think there are two Safeways (puke) and two QFC's (dry heave) and then one Ballard Market. I would love a Met Mar or PCC to come to Ballard – I can't stand the Safeway.

  25. Funny you mention that… Value VIllage is moving into that space once they move out :) Not sure who will take over their current place further up on Holman…

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  27. For what it's worth, our family really liked their pharmacy. It always felt very “small town” for being in the back of a major supermarket chain store. Any suggestions for a decent pharmacy somewhat nearby? (please don't just say Walgreens to be a smartass ;))

  28. For what it's worth, our family really liked their pharmacy. It always felt very “small town” for being in the back of a major supermarket chain store. Any suggestions for a decent pharmacy somewhat nearby? (please don't just say Walgreens to be a smartass ;))

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