Weigh-in on budget priorities tonight

The city is looking at a $72 million budget shortfall in 2010 which means cuts will have to be made. Tonight is your opportunity to voice your opinion on where tax dollars should and shouldn’t go. Mayor Greg Nickels recently released his 2010 proposed budget which includes the elimination of approximately 310 city jobs, ten unpaid furlough days for 14 unions and digging into the $25.4 million Rainy Day Fund, leaving $5 million for the future. You can find the entire budget here.

The budget hearing tonight is the first of three throughout the city. It will be held at the Whitman Middle School (9201 15th Ave NW) auditorium at 5:30p.m. Finance & Budget Chair Jean Godden says, “During our budget process, it will be our goal to conserve our resources, streamline government where we can and meet the top needs of our city. With smart decisions and strong leadership in these tough times, together we will build a brighter future.”

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