Boy & Girls Club raises $46,350 at auction

More than 150 people attended Saturday night’s auction at the Ballard Boys & Girls Club to raise money for a remodeling and expansion project. As we posted last week, the club has a long waiting list of kids for its after-school programs, and it’s planning to expand to accommodate the demand.

“The highlight and most touching moment of the evening took place when Angela Wheeless, mother of current member Emi Wheeless, took the stage and told the audience her story about how the Ballard Boys and Girls club has been so vital in their lives since she and Emi left Oklahoma under very trying times,” explains Mark Hendricks, the club’s executive director. “The tears were flowing when Angela explained how Emi has become this young confident woman that believes she can accomplish anything and be anything she puts her mind to in this life.” The auction raised $46,350, short of their $100,000 goal. To learn more about the Ballard Boys & Girls Club or to donate, visit here.

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