Pastry shop closes to find bigger digs

Pauline Pastry, the little green shop tucked away just off Market Street near 24th Ave. is closed, but not for good.

The owner, Stephanie, emailed to say, “We have closed the retail space on Market and are now preparing to find a larger space that will accommodate seating, so folks can sit and enjoy their dessert along with coffee and tea!” In the meantime you can still get special orders through the website and Stephanie will also be updating their location information on the site.

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4 thoughts to “Pastry shop closes to find bigger digs”

  1. I liked them pretty well, especially the fact that they were open into the dessert hours. I think you've really got to have a unique thing going, though, to make it in that odd space.

    Best of luck in finding a new place!

  2. My mother purchased a vanilla chiffon cake with whip cream frosting and was filled and topped with blackberries. Just thinking about it — it was so airy, just a pinch sweet and the blackberries were perfection. O GOD I WANT SOME CAKE!

    I also had some chocolate they were peddling during an art walk. Yum. Happy relocating and give us an update! I hope you will stay near Market, or perhaps on the growing 70th strip.

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