Top Banana not going out of business

“It’s been a rough year,” Top Banana owner Jimmy Wild tells us, but he is not going out of business, as posted in the forum. “That’s incorrect,” he states.

“Just like any other small business, it’s been tough,” he says. Laughing he says, “I’m too young to retire and I’d be a horrible employee so I need to keep doing this.” After a long, hot summer he wants people to know that he still has great produce, “I need my customers to be here when it’s cold as well.”

Top Banana will close for the season in mid-November to get ready for Christmas trees. They will re-open in mid-February.

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16 thoughts to “Top Banana not going out of business”

  1. Mr. Wild:

    Any chance you'd be open to call ahead / pre-paid orders that a customer can pick- up? Also, have you ever considered a $5 or $10 pre-assembled 'greens' box or $5/$10 mixed box?

  2. I find Top Banana a little pricey for a green grocer. A few items are even the same price as Ballard Market, but the quality is not as good. Though it's a bit further, I go to Lenny's on Greenwood and 105th. I can walk out of there with 2 bags of fruit and veg and will have only paid $10. It's amazing.

  3. And in other news the sun has not burned out, but only set for the evening.

    jk/ I know that sometimes it takes a story to squelch a rumor.

  4. I have always loved them..but this last year the quality was not as good, and the employees were unable to pick a good melon or seemed as knowledgeable as in past years….I want to continue to support, so hopeful this comment helps

  5. I like Top Banana and shop there often, but lately I've found that when I check my receipt when I get home, I was charged 20¢ more than an item (most recently potatoes) was marked. I'd like to think it's an honest mistake by the checker as prices change often, but still it smarts a bit, especially as I'm a good customer. Believe I'll have to give Lenny's a try.

  6. I wish they were as cheap as that fruitstand over in the UDistrict, but I love any place with a sign at the register telling you to be kind to other humans and get off your cellphone.

  7. I used to go to Top Banana, but two summers ago I noticed a decline in quality, higher prices and a consistent trend in making mistakes (not in my favor) at the checkstand. One time I was overcharged $8. I went back and complained. They recognized the mistake but didn't even apologize. A went a few times this past summer but nothing seemed to have changed. I feel bad because I do like small indipendent businesses … but I do not like to buy produce that is rotting the day after I have purchased it.

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