Last minute push for votes

For an hour and a half this morning, Jessie Israel‘s mom and brother stood on the corner of 15th and Market holding a big banner hoping to get your attention and your vote.

Israel is Ballard’s only candidate on the ballot, running for Seattle City Council against incumbent Nick Licata. “It’s an exciting day,” Israel’s mother says as the two of them wave at passing cars.

Several Prop. 1 advocates were also out with gloves and scarves on, waving their signs at voters who drove by.

Later today is the open house at the Neighborhood Service Center (5604 22nd Ave NW) from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Drop off your ballot and meet your neighbors.

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16 thoughts to “Last minute push for votes”

  1. No – the 9th Avenue Park property was owned by the 7th Elect Church of Israel. This was a 7th Day Adventist sect that practiced celebacy. It wasn't one family that inherited the property after the last member left us for another plane of existence, but many distant relatives.
    Some individuals confuse this with the Love Israel Family. The Love Israel Family owned property in Queen Anne. I beleive they sold that property and moved to rural Skagit County.

  2. WWHOOOWEEEE!!! Go Jessie! I am so excited about Jessie Israel and her roll in Seattle's future. Thanks to her family for getting the word out this morning!

  3. Licata is horrendous. I've had to work with him and his totalitarian ways on numerous occasions. He is completely upside down about what is important.

  4. Would a strong conservative call for approving ref. 71?

    Not trying to be argumentative here, but would truly appreciate hearing why you believe her to be a strong conservative, as I can't find evidence of that yet.


  5. I'm not sure what “strong conservative” means but if it means someone who wants to help small business, clean up financial irresponsibility in the government, and make public safety and environmental conservation a city priority then I guess it describes Jesse Israel. Which makes it sound like a good thing.

    What does “lyfe” mean?

  6. I always wonder about groups that practice celibacy. It seems like that would not be a good sustainable model. Wasn't the 9th Ave property actually several lots at one time and was broken up only a decade or so ago? I don't know why I think that – I may be thinking of a different property owned by another group.

  7. Watch Sonicsgate ( …

    Licata is one of the jackasses that gave away the Sonics.

    I don't like the NBA either, but he (and many others) screwed over our city in the process. His attitude about the whole thing makes me hope that both him and Tom Cray lose there damn jobs today.

    Go Jessie Go!

  8. Nick Licata also lives in Ballard. Don't you know that? What is this really all about?

    Jesse is for opening public parks for more private concessions. She supports strong public subsidies for private developers. She used hysterical race baiting and white racist fear mongering to try and beat Licata by claiming he is soft on crime (he is responsible for the largest increase in police in years). She is truly a disgusting embarrassment to our Ballard neighborhood and to this city. Let's hope we've seen the last of her, and her vicious hate filled supporters.

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