Man crossing 65th St. hit by car

A car struck a man crossing the street in front of St. Paul’s Church on 65th St. and 11th Ave. on Tuesday evening. Residents in a nearby home took him inside to care for him while medics raced to the scene.

A witness who spoke to the man after the accident told us his injuries are not critical. The windshield of the station wagon that hit the pedestrian was smashed, but the occupant was not injured. As many Ballardites know, this particular stretch of 65th, especially at evening rush hour, can be particularly busy and dangerous. (Thanks Silver for the tip!)

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5 thoughts to “Man crossing 65th St. hit by car”

  1. Any idea if he was in the crosswalk?

    The medics told the medic one doctor on the radio that the car was going about 40mph when it hit the victim. I'm surprised he isn't worse off.

  2. the crosswalk is actually at 12th. it would be great to have one where this happened at 11th, as that is where the parking area and most of the church activity empties out.

  3. That was awfully nice of the people in the house to help him. I like hearing stuff like that after hearing so much awful stuff that happens.

  4. There isn't much for east-west corridors between Market and 85th. Everything else (80th, 65th) is one lane, no turn lane, and often with parked cars along the street.

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