Delancey (Pizza)
1415 NW 70th St (map)
206-838-1960 “Delancey’s pizza is not so much New York style as New York inspired. The uncooked tomato sauce has a touch of sweetness, along with garlic and oregano.”

The Stranger: “The pizza at Delancey is SO GOOD—made so right, with mindfulness and careful technique and beautiful ingredients and purity of heart—that nothing else matters.”


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9 thoughts to “Delancey”

  1. I've been there a couple of times and I don't see what all the excitement is about. The pizza is fine but not exceptional — there is excellent wood-fired pizza elsewhere in Seattle (even in Ballard) without the wait. The prices are high. (Tiny salad for $10?) This is an OK place, but the level of buzz is inexplicable.

  2. This is a fantastic new restaurant. The pizza is consistent, interesting and unmatched in the city. For some reason people hate to hear that, but it is completely true.

    I find that the prices are fair, especially for alcohol, and that the service does not disappoint.

    But above all: the pizza, the dough. All the internet naysayers for this place has been bizarre! People like to knock down a new thing for some reason.

  3. Not worth the effort. The pizza is good, but not enough to justify what a hassle going to this place is.

    They consistently don't answer their phones, so you can't check the wait before going. They don't take reservations for under 6, so even if they did answer..

    They're not great at estimating wait time, so that half hour they quoted you could turn into two hours. That hour they told you, could turn into a phone call 15 minutes later telling you to get there RIGHT NOW OR THEY'LL GIVE AWAY THE TABLE.

    Servers act like they're doing you a favor.

    I gave this place three shots. That was more than enough.

    Just no.

  4. I've eaten here twice – both times I was blown away by the superb pizza dough (charred but tasty). rich tomato sauce and the fresh toppings. It is a busy place but we've been lucky both times and been seated pretty much straight away.

    Servers are attentive and informed about the (simple) menu. Never made it to dessert tho' – the pizzas are filling.

  5. I agree with Lazowska—this pizza is good, but the buzz is undue. I waited with my husband for over an hour to be seated. During that time we were slooooooooooooowly offered and served but one glass of wine, and had to ask the cook for a re-fill: the vacant-eyed hostess/bar server was awkward and chronically absent. Once we ordered, the beet salad was tasty, with a lovely mix of blood orange and chevre, but many of the beets were undercooked. The carpaccio was good, but not outstanding. And when the pizza came, it was good, but not worth the wait, price or waitstaff neglect. What WAS worth it, was the dessert. We tried “budino”, described as a lemon curd pudding with toasted pistachio and honey. I wouldn't go there again for pizza or first courses, but I would go at the end of the night for the best dessert I've had in years.

  6. Crust is fantastic and worth the wait in my opinion. Some of the best I've ever had. Friday/Saturday there will be a long wait so come early and get your name down. Go across the street to Tarasco for a few drinks. The longest I've had to wait on any other night is 45 minutes. The pizza prices are equal if not less expensive than other neighborhood 'artisan' pizza places so I don't get some of the comments. Wish they had more big salad offerings though.

  7. had dinner there last night and the food was very good, and I think pretty reasonable. the wait was a little crazy (over 2 hours) but we hit it at the worst time. we went down street for some beers and came back 1.5 hours later and still waited. here’s the trick, they don’t take reservations, but they kinda do. Just stop over if you live in the area and put your name on the list, and then they’ll call you. (kinda like Rudy’s barber, except they won’t call) the nuts with the canadian bacon was very good. it’s a little over hyped, but the pizza is really good.

  8. I don’t care how slow the service is, this is the best pizza I’ve ever had outside of Italy, bar none. Go early, expect to wait two hours and don’t complain about it, it will be worth it.

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