Sidewalk construction detours runners at Locks

Sidewalk construction on the Magnolia side of the Ballard Locks is forcing walkers, runners and bicyclists to change their route.

JR emailed us about the closure after coming upon the locked gate, “Not sure if that means no across traffic or not, but I could not find another way out.” Andrea Takash with the Army Corps of Engineers tells us that the upper walkway is closed for the next two weeks so crews can fix the sidewalks. Those wanting to cross will need to walk down the steps to the lower ramp or go to the railroad bridge and get to the lower ramp that way. (Thank you JR and Stine for the emails. Obvious file photo)

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3 thoughts to “Sidewalk construction detours runners at Locks”

  1. I came upon the closed upper gate last night at 8pm when coming home from downtown on my bike. For a second I was severely disappointed, thinking I was going to have to double back and take the stupid Ballard bridge. I was very relieved to see the sign telling me to go down to the lower entrance to cross the Locks.

  2. The railroad bridge? You can cross on the railroad bridge? You're kidding, right?

    It'd be nice not to have to lug my bike up three flights of stairs…

  3. It seems pretty difficult to carry on to walk for the walkers and the cyclist as they have to go around the way.As the sidewalk construction will go for next two weeks it's pretty hard to the people who regularly go from that route.

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