FBI looking for Ballard bank robber

The FBI has released security photos of the man accused of robbing the Frontier Bank near Ballard Market on Monday.

During the robbery, the FBI says the 5’6″-5’8″ man made a demand for cash and did not show a weapon. The FBI says that he looks to be in his 50s-60s, medium build with gray hair. He also had band-aids or tape on fingers of both hands. The FBI believes he may be responsible for a bank robbery in North Bend last Friday. If you have information you’re asked to call 206-622-0460.

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25 thoughts to “FBI looking for Ballard bank robber”

  1. So BFD he “made a demand for cash and displayed no weapon”. Sounds like my ex-wife. When will somebody simply come around and kick a thug that looks like this? Tackle him down, hold him til the cops are there, go home. Sorry, he isn't very “threatening”. He's a bum.

  2. a bum who could have a weapon. or be HIV-positive or have hepatitis and who decides to bite you in the melee.

    i don't think *you* can accurately determine the threat level of a person from a photograph.

    besides, why would a teller (i was one once) care if a robber gets away with the money. it's the bank's money and the bank has insurance for such losses.

  3. I had also worked as a teller years ago, during which there were a couple of robberies of other branches of my bank over a couple of months. We were told all the time to comply with the robbers. To me it was less about not caring that it wasn't my money (in fact handling it all day, I didn't feel like it was money) but more about following procedure and doing my job.

  4. Can anyone tell what it says on that hat?

    My mom once worked at WAMU in Ballard in the 1970s and they were robbed….and the guy came in a week later to open an account and apply for a mortgage at my mom's desk. He wasn't that hard to identify, as he was in fact wearing high-heeled black patent leather women's shoes on both occasions.

  5. Who should do the tackling? Odds are this guy was very hush, hush. Likely no one knew what was going on aside from the teller he was dealing with. And that teller was on the other side of the counter. Further, tellers are always told to just hand over the cash – that is bank policy. When I worked as a teller it was made very clear to me that they cared more about our safety than the dough.

  6. I was a teller quite a few years back. I was always of the opinion that I wasn't going to play hero for the banks money (which is insured).

  7. I was buying beer in backwoods Oregon last summer and they demanded my ID. Had to go out to the car to get it. Mind you I don't look 21 anymore and I don't get carded often. I realized that after showing the ID that I probably look like around 20 in meth years.

  8. Man, I really don't see the issue with the hat. It's a black baseball cap, so what's the deal? He could just as easily be santa at the mall as a bum dawdling in Ballard. Bank robberies like this shouldn't be that surprising- he's just getting his bail out. All you people snarking are snarking because you've been tempted yourself and think you would do a better job or atleast look cooler while doing it.

  9. C'mon, it looks like he's saying, “hey, so this is a bank, eh? I think I have some here…so…can I have some? Some of those over there, eh?”

  10. I'm pretty sure that's Mike McGinn.

    He was the original “Fool for the City” who likes to take a “Slowride” on his bicycle.

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