Flags fill the yard for Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day!

As with all “flag-appropriate” holidays, the man who lives on the corner of 32nd & 57th has decorated his yard with flags. Not only is his yard covered with the red, white and blue, all four corners of the intersection are covered with flags.

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26 thoughts to “Flags fill the yard for Veterans Day”

  1. I love seeing this yard with all the flags!! I appreciate his efforts and the good feeling the display gives me. I also appreciate our veterans and service members for all they do and all they give up to do what they do for us. what's to complain about?

    I'm not “proud” to be an American – I'm lucky! (can't be proud, because I had nothing to do with it)

  2. Most houses on my block are flying the flag today – including mine.

    We've had a lot of flags on our block since election day 2008…

  3. I sure didn't support the Iraq war, but I can still recognize that today's soldiers and their families have more courage than I could ever imagine having.

    When I see flags filling up a yard like that it makes me cringe a little because when I was growing up I was taught by my father (who was a veteran) that you always fold a flag a certain way, you hang it at a certain angle, and you never let it fly in the dark. You either take it down at night or have a spotlight shine on it. I also learned you never sign a flag (like George W. did) and you never use a flag as clothing or advertising (like on credit cards and clothing I see a lot nowdays). It would mean a lot more to me when people put flags up if they took time to learn the traditional ways to show respect to our flag; traditions based on Army and Navy traditions – the very folks we are remembering today.

  4. I have met this guy and he was nice enough to talk with me about the reason he does this. I heard some very interesting stories and had a very enjoyable time. I am not normally a flag waving guy but there are times and reasons I can understand.

    Last spring I was on the North Cascades Highway at a rest area over Diablo. I took a side trip on my way back from snowboarding at Whistler in British Columbia. A guy and woman rode into the parking area on a Harley with a 16×20 Flag on a pole. Surely an infraction of proper display tradition. After they had parked and walked away, a guy started shaking his head and turns to his female companion. He says really condescendingly, “what the hell is it with americans and their flags? You don't see us canadians making fools of ourselves like that”. I stood there dumbfounded for a minute as I thought about all that statement brought to mind. I seem to remember it had been a bad week in Iraq with casualties the week before. There were other events in the news that I thought of at the time but don't remember now. I wanted to go and tell him that I see people wrapped in the Maple leaf too often but it is covered with vomit and bad beer. Then I thought about a more serious conversation briefly. The thing I really wanted to do was to tell the flag bearer and the 25 other Harley riders adorned with flag patches and stickers what had transpired. In the end I just stood there in the sun taking a moment to reflect on what it is to be an American. To think about the many reasons people fly the flag. I am not always happy with the leadership or the citizenry, but for those minutes I reflected on the many facets of being in, and of this country. That is why I like seeing the flags.

  5. Really? I took the time to talk with this guy and he seems respectful. His reasons and sentiment are legitimate. But I am one of those disrespectful heathens that sewed a flag onto my army jacket (almost all the teenage boys wore them) as a kid in the 70's when I was against the Viet Nam war but had friend's that older brothers were dying. So if these flags fly after dark, I cut him slack as it is better than if he quit putting them out..

  6. nice post.

    i don't want to hurt anyones' feelings (especially the Guy) but it doesn't really appear that respectful. a little garish like an overdone house at X-mas….

    either way, he can do as he chooses obviously.

  7. Yeah, from what I'd seen visiting Vancouver and Victoria on Canada Day that comment would have had me dumbfounded too. A bunch of drunks wearing the Canadian flag as capes and pounding fists in badly sung versions of 'I am Canadian.'
    I'm not much of a patriot, but I have to say that ain't respect.

  8. i am just glad that he doesn't ask for everyone's opinion what they think of his way of being patriotic.

    he shows his respect in the way he knows how… and don't fool yourself, that is what he is doing.

    or maybe we should stop people putting flags on their backpack when they travel, stop olympians hanging the flag over their sweaty bodies, stop people from owning them and god forbid, stop this guy from showing his patriotism during a very appropriate day.

    when pfrm posted “let the complaining begin” 3 hours ago, i laughed b/c i couldn't imagine what people could complain about. but boy was i wrong.

  9. I remember when I was a teen punk rocker in the 80's how sewing pieces of the flag onto our clothes was such a big “F-you!” to the government too. So, when the young country musicians nowdays wear a flag shirt while singing patriotic songs it always seems surreal to me.

    Can you share his (the flag guy's) story with us or is it too personal?

  10. My complaint is is that it looks more like a display of “look at me! look at me! I have more kitchy things than you do!” sort of thing. When what I want to remember today is people like my father, my grandfather, and friends who have served in the military and how much their sacrifice means.

  11. your rememberance is totally legit. and i don't, in the least, suggest otherwise…. but to be honest, i think that is all this guy wants to. maybe it isn't your cup of tea… but he is doing more than 99% of the rest of us.

    and i swear hearing reading that this guy is a vet as well, although i can't remember where i heard that.

  12. why can't we just look at his display and go, “Ok, there's his display” and move on? I grew up in the military, had my fill, thank you. People can just do what they do.
    Do you realize how many people now think our country is going into “desperate, dark days” now that Obama has been President for a mere year?! I think that is of way more concern than some flags on a corner. We need to stand strong for who and what we voted for last election, and even if you didn't vote for Obama. This isn't Camelot. We could stumble, or get shoved, back to where we were headed with the last administration. Let it be. Hug your kids(if you have 'em), remember the vets, donate your time somewhere to help those who need help, and keep moving forward in life.

  13. I have no interest in what I consider to be empty ritual whether it is religious or political. Some it seems to find comfort in it so carry on.

  14. On the 4th of july he has set up memorials to those MIA, to those that died. Unit flags etc. It is about remembrance and paying respect and reminding. If this was up every week or every month I agree it would detract from the meanings. But as a person that has no personal military ties, I appreciate that it makes me think about the issues it triggers. Why he does it is his story to tell. I appreciated my time chatting with him on an afternoon. I also saw how many vets stopped by and appreciated what he did. Some brought their kids, some took private moments while spouses and family stood a few feet away. Seeing an flag on a house everyday does not have the same effect on me as the occasional display does. Like this man's or the motorcyclist flying the flag on a ride. I actually appreciate the nudge to think about the principals and reasons this country was founded, the role we have played in the world-good and bad, those that serve/served and the future. Too much sentimentality, am now reverting back to the harsh smart ass.

  15. I have lived in this neighborhood for many years. I believe there have been flags displayed at the location for many years! It's great to see that someone is proud of our country and one of it's symbols – the Stars and Stripes! How many of you who have commented, know where and why it began?

    Thank you to the family at 32nd & 57th!

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