Police standoff ends with arrest

Update 10 p.m.: Officers say they arrested the man after a long standoff, and it’s taking some time for officers to wrap up the investigation. A man matching the name of the suspect has a long rap sheet ranging from car theft to burglary, according to SeattleCrime.com. We’ll be checking for an official update in the morning. (Thanks Silver for the updates!)

Earlier: A large number of police units along with a SWAT team converged at 8th and Leary this evening, and officers have closed Leary just west of 8th Ave. Seattle Police Detective Jeff Kappel tells us its an ongoing investigation and officers are serving a warrant. Given that this is an active investigation, he says that he doesn’t have any other information.

My Ballard reader Silver sent in this photo that she snapped from Bernie’s Automotive across the street from the standoff, and she says two people have been handcuffed and placed in the back of an unmarked vehicle.

The armored SWAT vehicle (above) drove up to the front of the building. Silver says that officers are still yelling for at least one more person to come out. She has also heard quite a bit of breaking glass and several “flash bangs,” and she’s posting continuous updates in comments below…

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  1. …i live a few blocks north of there. almost certain i heard a gunshot before all the sirens. ugh.

    (i hope comment below is correct).

  2. There is a serious display of force going on: dozens of police, marked and unmarked vans and vehicles, and a large area that has been restricted from vehicle traffic – probably a 4 square block area. Just drove around the unfolding drama about 10 minutes ago.

  3. I'm stuck here at Bernie's Automotive. These guys are very nice and they're stuck here too! We're inside the police perimeter. Heard the flash-bang go off a while ago, and SWAT has this big tank- like thing that they actually drove into the door of the building. That was all the breaking glass we heard. Hearing sirens now.

  4. Definitly not over. Lots of vehicles and personel. Lots of big guns.

    The cops just made us go back to Bernie's for safety. Something about us not having any body armor. They have moved one of the assault vehicles around in front of the Henry mural. It looks like Afganistan over there.

  5. We live about 4-5 blocks North and heard a loud speaker and a loud bang about 2 hours ago. I thought it was just another transformer blowing up.

  6. Funny, I don't comment on here much, but driving by there on my way to Fred Meyer was FREAKY. driving south on 8th, I usually turn right and cut across right after the bus stop that's before Leary… takes me across Leary and to the FM garden center parking lot side. I noticed a ton of cars coming north on 8th and thought, hmmm, wonder if the bridge is shut and they've been routed through fremont or something. Then, blinker on, preparing to turn I see cop with German Shephard clinging around the corner of the building with the bus stop, looking down the street, cops with rifles pointed, everything!

    My first thought? “Whoah, I wonder if Silver has posted anything about this yet on myballard”. I must have had some ESP going on there!

  7. Boss just sent us home. As I was leaving, I asked the officer. He said that the 4 – 5 shots that were heard were tear gas canisters.

    Just glad I got outta there and was able to go home.

  8. Geez louise…I was on my way home from choir practice and was stunned by the show of force and TV crews……I haven't see that much since that big high speed chase in 2008 (i think) that ended down by the water between
    Wallingford and Fremont. Hope they got everyone they were aiming to get !

  9. Silver, how did you get to Bernie's Automotive? I mean, I'm at that intersection all the time, but never like this.

    I think we need to get an Emma Peel outfit from the Avengers!

  10. Interesting that they were possibly running a chopshop. I live about 5 blocks directly north of there and my car had it's rear license plate stolen off it over the weekend. Probably just a coincidence, but I'm glad they pulled these guys out of our neighborhood.

  11. I have an outfit like that, but it doesn't look as good on me at age 50. ;-)

    I got down there because I was headed to the ReStore and saw a convoy of big black SWAT trucks and unmarked cars with their lights flashing but no sirens. Of course I followed them! We came south on 8th, but I overshot the cross street they turned down. I pulled into Bernie's to turn around, but found that I couldn't exit onto Leary! Cops with guns everywhere! So I pulled the car out of the way, and ducked into Bernie's. We were all trying to figure out what was going down.

    It was hours later, after they caught the guy they were looking for, that they finally let me go get my car.

    I figured I might as well be productive and share it all with you, since I was stuck down there anyway. ;-)

  12. It's not a tank, far from it (I would know!) It's called a Peacekeeper and it's basically nothing more than a full size pick-up truck (I believe a Dodge Ram) with a light armor shell bolted on. They were used by military police units in the 80's and then sold off to police departments (suckers!) when the military realized what a completely horrendous piece of crap they were. The ones the military couldn't pawn off on the cops were used as targets on shooting ranges.

  13. Not a turret, just a hatch with a shield and mount for a light machine gun. The hatch is one of the reasons the Peacekeeper was such a dud – it was too small for a soldier wearing body armor and a equipment vest to easily fit through. They were also prone to overheating, rolling over when driven off-road, and lacked enough armor to stop anything bigger than a rifle. Fortunately none of these issues apply to SWAT teams working in cities!

  14. Yep, that's it. Fortunately your typical knucklehead criminal probably does think it's a tank and usually becomes motivated to surrender!

    It's also not the only armored vehicle in the 'hood. There's a guy on 15th around 105th who has an old British Ferret armored scout car parked in his driveway.

  15. Who chose pre rush hour time to serve a warrant ! ( if that is what it is all about) Seems like poor timing to me. Nevertheless, this is the show of force many of you at MY Ballard has been pissing in their pants waiting for !! John Camble !! you should have been homeless or at least, living in a chop-shop moto-home.

    I think this was totally unnecessary and overdone.

    USA !!!

  16. Geo, yer showing complete ignorance here. Do you want 911 on YOUR time? Imagine the outrage if one cop showed and all hell had broken loose and shooting started injuring many and having innocent people hurt? Do criminals have a schedule? Too bad Mr Monfort hadn't the same luxury BEFORE he took out a cop. Too bad there are fools out there with feelings like yours. And when YOU call 911 perhaps they'll be giving room service to the bums, again, and you'll just have to wait your turn. Poetic justice.

  17. i don't think they had your schedule in mind when they were able to locate the suspect and found an opportune time to serve him. did you call spd to let them know? if not, it's your own fault.

  18. It's a good thing you're educating them as to how unthreatening a Peacekeeper actually is. How about a rundown of the best places to shoot at it?

  19. “British Ferret?” Now there's a name that will strike fear in the heart of one's enemies! Sounds like their military needs better marketing people. ;-)

    How about the “British Death Mobile” or “Satan's Pickup?”

    Now I have to go Google “British Ferret.”

  20. If they can read these comments they can just as easily look it up on Google, duh. Not like I'm giving away the composition of the armor on an Abrams (which is still classified).

  21. Yeah, not exactly scary. They kept the tradition alive by replacing it with the Fox. Seriously. They also had one called the Pig. Got to love them Brits. In all fairness they also have vehicles with more ominous names such as Scimitar, Scorpion, Chieftain. Here in the US we name our vehicles after generals (Bradley, Abrams, Patton, Sherman, etc.)

  22. Has any criminal ever actually tried to take a shot at one of these things? Do any criminals even have anything powerful enough to do more than scratch it?
    It's a psychological deterrent and a big fun toy.

  23. And we name our military helicopters after the same tribes we all but wiped out…Apache, Kiowa, Blackhawk…
    I want to see them name the next attack helicopter after the Kickapoo tribe. Somehow I doubt that name will be used no matter how appropriate it may be.
    As far as the British naming convention does it matter if you're being shot at by a “Fuzzysquirrel” or by a “Tigerpirhannakiller” if the bullets are the same?

  24. “Chief looks like everythings a go, the suspect is in the building, the judge has signed the warrant, the team is in place”

    “Dang Sargent! Look at the time Geo's on his way home right now! Let's try again next week. Stand down men!”

  25. Silver, you are a freak. You got stuck there on purpose. You sit next to your police scanner on weekends and wait for shi* to happen. I bet your cats are bored with you, sweet jesus woman- get a LIFE.

  26. Hi All,

    There was no disrespect for cops in my earlier post. How did that flourish from my pointless comment. I don't think the cop on the street directing traffic or even the swan team had any call in this maneuv1er. It was the liberals that done it. Get it right.

    and again, i bless the bejebuses's for the “USA”
    the country with the stinkiest socks and attitudes (myself included)
    and a place witha lot of scanner frequencies ! which i cant figure out how to trunk.

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