Creative ideas presented for 9th Ave park

More than 50 people joined in last night’s conversation to brainstorm ideas for the new 39,000 square foot park on 9th Ave NW between 70th & 73rd.

The larger group broke into smaller groups and were told two things: there will not be a wading pool or an off-leash dog park. With that, the groups formulated ideas. Some brought up playground equipment for different ages, walking paths around the park, picnic areas, garden areas and “skate dots,” which are skateable benches or ledges. There was also discussion about adding a “nature play” feature that uses rocks or other earthworks for kids to play. Jacqueline, one of the neighbors at the meeting, tells us that there were a lot of creative ideas presented. “It was a great meeting!” she says.

The design group, Site Workshop, will work with Seattle Parks & Rec to come up with three plans before the next meeting on December 17th.

Construction is slated to start in August of 2010 with a completion date in the spring of 2011.

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2 thoughts to “Creative ideas presented for 9th Ave park”

  1. Please tell me there will not be a pack it in, pack it out policy for garbage. I love parks, but many parks this spring and summer removed garbage cans. Net result is more garbage on the ground and hanging in plastic bags from the park signs. It means if I see garbage (like broken glass, bottles, fast food packaging) on the ground left by other inconsiderate folk, I must take it home to dispose it .

  2. why waste such open land for more human commotion to split into another perminate waste of space that takes 3 years to develop? If you want a place to take your kids, Whittier (where meeting was held) is 4 blocks away, if you want some brand new Wow yourself the first time you see it, then realize it's just expensive aesthetics, go to the new 64th St park and sit on cement chairs.

    What ballard needs is a model, permacultural practice playground, some place with a real creative small group design that will help open the door to families on how to manage your daily waste in a way that doesnt ship it across the state, how to feed your soils so they can feed you if need be, a long term creative investment ahead of it's time so when it's time is called on there won't be a hasted minute to throw the bone to the hungry dogs.

    Think along the terms of the future's reality, we don't need another stinkin park that is nooked away in hedge rows for the growing homeless tribes to find a use for, lets feed the future.

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