Ballard clinic overflowing with flu vaccine for kids

Stone Turtle Health (6402B 8th Ave NW) just tweeted us to say that they have an abundance of both the H1N1 inhaled vaccine for kids and inhaled and injectable seasonal flu vaccine for kids. Dr. Katie Baker tells us that she was sent more vaccine than she ordered so is now looking for kids who need them. She’s already teamed up with several day cares but says, “my refrigerator overfloweth” with the vaccines. She’s giving each vaccine for $5 and stresses that these are only for children. Dr. Baker says emails get the quickest response –

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5 thoughts to “Ballard clinic overflowing with flu vaccine for kids”

  1. We just called, and it's important to know that it's only for kids 2 and older. Kids under 2 apparently can't have the nasal vaccine, only the injectable. They are taking names for callbacks when they get the injectable.

  2. Where IS all the freaking hype? People are dying in the streets, aren't they? Like lines aren't the future for all of us if some get their ways. This is rationing. According to the CDC, some “36,000 die each year from flu-like symptoms”. Hmmm? How can this be? Now, I'm not paranoid but, everybody thinks I am!

  3. Thanks for posting this! After having a heck of a time the last couple of months trying to find the vaccine for my kid, we got an appointment with Dr. Baker with no problem.

  4. I aslo called about the max. age and learned that they're administering to high risk individuals, ages 2-24 and health care workers.

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