Holidays in Ballard banner missing

Two large banners were hung in downtown Ballard as part of the Holidays in Ballard campaign and today only one remains.

Laura Buzard, one of the founders of the Holidays campaign emailed us, “We are unsure if it came untied and blew away, or if it was deliberately taken down. The missing banner was hung on Market Street near the BalMar.” Organizers believe the sign came down sometime last weekend. They invested in the two banners with the hopes of using them for a few years. If anyone has information on the missing sign, which is identical to the one above, please email

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The founders of My Ballard

18 thoughts to “Holidays in Ballard banner missing”

  1. I saw it was intentionally taken down. How else do four corners miraculously come untied all at the same time and then the banner blows away without a trace? Not buying it.

  2. Whoever did this is getting nothing but coal for Christmas…
    If everyone keeps their eyes open and spreads the word, I bet we can find it… Ballard (and Seattle for that matter) isn't THAT big a place!

  3. This is unacceptable. So un-Ballard-like. We will find you, banner-swiping miscreant, and bring you to justice. You will be forced to eat lutefisk until your skin turns a whiter shade of pale. You will be publically shamed in the middle of Bergen Square, and then will come the shunning and your forced relocation to Kent. Skoal!

  4. Always amazes me how somebody can tag a billboard without being seen/busted whatsoever? Same goes for this thing. I find it hard to believe it's worth anything to anybody else either? Attention miscreant: you did NOT score heavily

  5. I agree, it was a horribly ugly sign. Someone probably thought so too and was tired of looking at it. Glad i don't have to stare at it everyday in my neighborhood! good riddance

  6. Um, commercial banner in a commercial area. Those banners are not inexpensive and if it was stolen because someone thought it was “ugly” – what are you 12?

    I don't know what is wrong with promoting shopping in Ballard (or any neighborhood shops for that matter) instead of running off to Northgate.

    The maturity on this board astounds me sometimes.

  7. Now that the hangover has gone away, will the idiots who stole the banner return it? It really doesn't go with the decor of your frat house.

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