Help send BHS musicians to New York City

Both the Ballard High School Orchestra and Concert Choir have been invited to perform in New York City next spring, which means a lot of money needs to be raised to send the students.

(Photo from the 2009 Fall Choral Concert.)
This weekend the BHS Music Boosters will be holding a fundraiser at the Northgate Barnes & Noble while students wrap gifts. Kathy, one of the music moms, sent us this information:

10-15 % of all sales go to support BHS Music. All LA teachers and the school librarian have wish lists at the store so you can purchase books for their classrooms and our school library. Just mention BHS Music at the checkout stand when making your purchase. BHS Music students will offer free gift wrapping for every purchase the various music groups will perform all day Saturday. Last year the store was alive with BHS spirit and we purchased over $9,000 worth of books, CD’s, music, toys, games and even food from the café to help support our music program. The lineup for Dec. 5 is 10-10:30 Jazz Combo; 10:30-11 Treble Choir; 11-12 Story Hour w/ Bucky Beaver; 12-12:30 Vocal Jazz; 12:30-1 Jazz Band; 1-1:30 Men’s A Cappella; 1:30-2 Pep Band; 2-2:30 Women’s Chamber Choir; 2:30-3 Barbershop Quartet; 3-3:30 Chamber Orchestra. Come be entertained, support BHS Music and get all of your Holiday Shopping done in one great weekend.

The BHS Orchestra will be participating in a music festival at the historic Riverside Church while the Concert Choir will join forces with a professional orchestra and four other high schools around the country to present Randall Thompson’s Frostiana at Lincoln Center.

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If they spent $9,000 at B&N last year and got 10-15 percent back, they cleared about $900-$1,350 from the whole day. Sounds like they'll cover at most one student's expenses.

Mariette Knoblauch

The kids' families are paying most of the cost. We are trying to raise money for scholarship help for those kids whose families cannot afford it. We want all the kids to be able to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

(proud mom ;)