Skid marks in Salmon Bay Park

A neighbor who lives near Salmon Bay Park sent us this photo and says someone took a joy ride through the park last night. “Skid marks all over the park. They’ll be there for a while.”

He writes, “Last night around 1:20 a.m., I was awoken by the sound of skidding tires. The sound went on and on. I finally got up and looked out the window and saw a white utility van driving around salmon bay park. I called 911 and was told that other neighbors had already called it in.” He continues, “Eventually, the van drove away, making the sound of a flat tire.” Police say they found the van along the 2000 block of NW 65th and impounded it. There have been no arrests, although Detective Mark Jamieson says they have a pretty good idea of who the suspect(s) are.

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  2. I used to date a cop and in the common area of his group they had a “suspect line-up” which was a series for dirty toilet bowls and then one white guy. I always thought it was disrespectful, but it seems fitting for the morons who did this–and, my guess: it would be hard to pick out the turd who did this from five other toilets bowls.

    I'm glad to hear they think they know who did it.

  3. I agree with donarb. The people (3) who did this senseless damage to the park should be out there fixing it themselves. I volunteer to supervise their work. It breaks my heart to watch Adrian (Seattle Parks) work so hard maintaining our park so that vandals can destroy it during a 10 minute donut spree or while vandalizing the bathroom or blowing things up… After watching these punks tear around the park running into rocks, barriers, trees, etc. I was thankful the park was not more badly damaged. Like Leafdrop recognized, maybe there is something positive about the cold snap. On the other hand, the neighbors who chased them down in stocking feet, tee shirts and bathrobes might not think so!

    Thank you to the police who responded. We want our park back and appreciate your help. One of the officers who responded said they had “contacts” with the van owner on many occasions before and knew exactly who they were. Pabst cans poured out the door when they searched the van with a flat right front tire. It is surprising that no arrests have yet been made under the circumstances. It will be a sad thing if these punks get treated more favorably than the people who walk their dogs off leash in the park.

    Make an example of these punks. We want our park back!

  4. The cops were out side of my home on 20th last night for about 2 hours. I was talking with one cops about 2AM and another cop pulled out about a half pound of drugs and pot from the white van. I also heard this is was the same van suspected in an local arson. The van visits / stays at home that is known to sell drugs.

    These kids are tools and are dangerous. Cops need to do something now!

  5. Is the home you are referring to also on 20th? Is it near where the van stopped and was later confiscated by the police? I know a worker's van has been stolen/ tools robbed from it on several occasions from that same area/location. Same thieves who stole my truck a couple of years back were linked to them.

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