Armed robbery at Ballard video store

Police are looking for an armed robbery suspect who robbed the Rain City Video at the corner of 8th Ave NW & NW Market St at 8:30 Wednesday night, Detective Mark Jamieson with Seattle Police tells us. A male in a black hoodie, baggy jeans and a black mask with eyes cut out walked into the store and displayed a silver hand gun, Jamieson says. A customer called 911 after the suspect left the store on foot. Officers and a K-9 unit are in the area searching for the suspect. Jamieson says that this robbery is similar to the armed robbery in Maple Leaf just two days ago.

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  1. I don't believe this to be true… What I do believe is that there is now easy access to information and the ability to communicate that information almost instantly to anyone with a computer or smart phone.

  2. whether it's more of this lately or not, this kind of crime is only acceptable to crime lovers who don't care about the community. If you have an ounce of respect for yourself, neighbors, businesses, or Ballard, please show that you don't think crime like this should continue, and act towards making Ballard less comfortable for criminals and those who think it's fine for crime to stay and grow here. Crime is not ok.

  3. “act towards making Ballard less comfortable for criminals”

    Suggestions as to how to do this besides calling 911 are welcome.

  4. Ballard is now “on the map” and henceforth crime will escalate – usually not by locals but others outside the area knowing that there's opportunity. Rain City would seem like an unlikely target but, perhaps, an easy one too. I lived in Ballard for 13 years and loved it. What drove me north was ever-escalating rent – I still work in Ballard but miss part of it too, despite the changes. Unfortunately Shoreline is no safer either but the rent dollar goes much further. We've had our mail stolen and a house nearby broken into. I'm not sure what the solution is – and I don't wish to keep on running further away.

  5. how is it that such a wonderful fashion trend (imagine your sweatshirt comes with a built-in roll-up hat!) becomes the quintessential outfit for thieves and gangbangers?

    I love my hoodies and will continue wearing them around, even if it makes me a suspect.

  6. Exactly! everyone keeps saying it's the internet…….. HELLO!! and good luck with the North Precinct.. They don't seem too concerned about the increase.

  7. That includes working moms out walking their dog before work too, I guess. Sigh. I guess I'm pretty scary when it's cold out and I didn't brush my hair before leaving the house. Come to think of it – hoodie and pitbull. I must be dangerous.

  8. Yes, an increase, but for only the month of January. Feb–March were about the same as the year before. THAT'S NOT A TREND even if the statistics magistics at the North Precinct say it is.

    While I love this neighborhood and hate to see ANY crime here, I think we need to be rational about what's real and what's not.

    That said, anyone who is a victim knows how awful it is and my heart goes out to you.

  9. Or maybe McGinn can impose a “police tax” specifically geared toward hiring and training more officers. I, for one, would happily pay that.
    We homeowners already pay a tax to keep up Pike Place Market. What would be even nicer is if I wasn't harassed by the idiot squatters in Steinbrueck park every time I go there.

  10. Next time your staring down the barrel of a gun I hope you have the time to think about “are you going to call 911”, “maybe worry about how bad your hair looks in your hoody” or “determine if the age of the person holding the gun is relevant”. Once you realize you know nothing about what went on yet you feel it necessary to make hilariously foolish commentary at someone else’s expense, you might reconsider your contribution to the human race.

  11. Actually, a video store seems like a great target for an armed robbery. Rental fees are typically just a few bucks, and folks like me are less likely to whip out the debit card for a 3 or 4 dollar charge. It's probably one of a handful of businesses that still has more cash in the register than charge receipts.

    If card use continues to increase, the trend should reverse.

  12. Good point. I wonder how soon it will be that stores start going cash-free. I wonder if that's legal, since the bills say they're legal tender for all debts.

  13. I a regular at that store and most people buy “credits” for DVDs and pay with a great card because it's done 20 bucks (something like that) a pop. I've been going there for ages and never used case. There is a 7-11 right next door, which they blew off because of security camereas no doubt. But there is a gas station in the parking lot, wouldn't they have cameras?

    At any rate, I feel badly for the young people wokring there. They must be pretty shaken up…

  14. Deniers and apologists LOVE to keep chanting, “it's always been this way….we just have the intertoobs now so you hear about it more.”

    Sure, we have more ways to communicate now. That's besides the point.

    That does not change the fact that there has been a tremendous increase in violent crime in this neighborhood in a very short time, and the trend is very troubling.

    I've lived here for over 25 years, and internet or no internet, things are very, very different now. And not in a positive way.

  15. “Actually, a video store seems like a great target for an armed robbery. Rental fees are typically just a few bucks, and folks like me are less likely to whip out the debit card for a 3 or 4 dollar charge. “

    I rent there all the time and rarely use cash, ever. There can't be anywhere near as much cash there as at the gas station next door. As someone already noted lack of security cameras likely played a part in the store being targeted. Shame.

  16. When we lived in the Meth Center of North Historic Everett, what pissed off the criminals (and was the most effective when we persevered) was seeing us “non-criminal” neighbors talking with each other and visiting each other. When the sense of *community* is “out” and “proud” as well as observant and unafraid to ASK QUESTIONS of people you see in your 'hood, jot down plate numbers as well as other details (we kept a special calendar with notes such as these) file reports, call 9-1-1 when needed, it does make a difference. My Ballard and Ballard News Tribune are good places to start. But seriously, to make the biggest impact on the health, safety and well being of your neighborhood, leaving the cyber-world behind and being SEEN and being seen as OBSERVING is the most effective deterrent.

  17. “a video store seems like a great target for an armed robbery”

    NOT helpful. There are six indie vid stores FreLardWood. They really don't need your opinion right now.

  18. C'mon dude, are you serious? You really think crooks are surfing on MyBallard for ideas? My point still stands…as the trend of debit cards continues to grow, it'll be interesting to see if armed robberies decline over the long term. It seems inevitable to me anyway.

  19. Um, I googled security camera effectiveness. Seems they're not so effective. And didn't this robber just hit another video store two days earlier? That would seem to play a part in Rain City being “targeted.”

  20. The links below to the crime trends report.
    There's a couple things that are actually skewing overall stats to show less total crime in that between a change in the law making it easier to successfully prosecute auto theft and the KCS auto theft taskforce, the auto theft numbers have gone way down. The other thing skewing numbers is that a lot of people don't report their car getting prowled since the believe falsely that their insurance will find out and their rates will go up.
    Whether it's just the stats is actually kind of irrelevant if you're the victim of the crime. Everyone I know has had their car broken into over the past few years. That's crazy that every. single. person. is the victim of this crime eventually.

  21. I'd like to think so, but I doubt that most criminals desperate enough to commit crimes of opportunity are going to look at the risk:reward ratio too carefully.

  22. Crappy security cameras aren't very effective at all. Good ones with resolution high enough to make an ID are actually fairly effective and are a great help in prosecution. Unfortunately too many places just put in the cheapest video camera they can find and hope that they'll benefit from the deterrent effect.

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