Jhanjay Vegetarian Thai expanding to Ballard

Jhanjay Vegetarian Thai is expanding from Wallingford to Ballard.

The menu hangs in the window of the new restaurant at 5313 Ballard Ave., right next door to the newly opened Fresh Flours. As Ballardissmallilikeanonymity says in the forum, “for my money, the world’s best vegetarian Thai place, and the best Thai food of any sort in Seattle.” We spoke with a woman at the Wallingford location who said they don’t have a specific opening date because of permits, although a comment in the forum says they’re aiming for Dec. 23rd.

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18 thoughts to “Jhanjay Vegetarian Thai expanding to Ballard”

  1. is it 100% vegetarian? i assume so with the description… but didn' t know if it was just “mostly” or “only” ? too bad as far as i am concerned if it is “only”

  2. It's 100% veggie. I'm a meat lover, but my husband is veg, so we went to the Wallingford location a few months ago. AMAZING food. I did not miss the meat at all.

    I think this is great news.

  3. in theory… that is such a nice idea, but unless there is some chicken, beef, pork or shrimp available… good luck to all the patrons b/c i will not be present.

    grrrrr and all that

  4. P.S. Their focus is not on soy- or wheat-based fake meats like some vegetarian places. In fact, there's not one dish on the menu with which fake meat comes standard (although it is listed as an option for a few).

    They make such lush, tasty, hearty dishes — with every other super-fresh ingredient under the sun — that you will NEVER notice the absence of real or imitation meat. Pay particular attention to their use of eggplant!

  5. YES! I thought only pizza and hamburger joints were allowed to open in Ballard. A vegetarian place will be super welcome. Gooner don't they have an 'instant meat powder' you can bring along for occasions you find yourself unexpectedly stuck eating meatless food?

  6. As a previous Wallingforder, I'm thrilled to hear this news. Jhanjay is buy far my favorite restaurant on the 45th St. strip. The food is healthy, the service is excellent, and I think it's a fair price for the quality and variety of menu items. I'm a flexitarian that always finds something delicious and filling. The mango tofu with brown rice and tom kha soup for example.

  7. There are plenty of places for you to get your dead-animal dinner, but there aren't many places where I can order *anything* off the menu. Those places are priceless, especially after finding meat in “veggie” dishes a few times. It's good to know when I'm in a restaurant where that isn't going to happen.

    I've been to their Wallingford location, and it was AWESOME.

  8. i am not in the slightest trying to take anything away from people who love veggie food b/c that is all you eat, or for those that just like the change of pace.

    i am very happy this place sounds like it is a great addition to our lovely ballard.

    but just like you like your veggies, i like my meat, so we will dine at different places and we will both be happy.

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