Long lines at the Ballard Post Office

Holiday shoppers are quickly turning into holiday shippers, which isn’t a surprise as December 25th nears.

Cynthia Kelly, who writes Skeletons in the Closet blog, sent us this photo that she snapped on Tuesday around 5:45 p.m. She says the lines for both the front counter and automated machine were pretty long.

If you’re looking for other options for shipping in Ballard, you can head to:

  • Ballard Mailbox & Shipping (2442 NW Market)
  • Ballard Sip & Ship (1752 NW Market) (Disclosure: MyBallard sponsor)
  • The Mailbox (2400 NW 80th St)
  • The UPS Store, (1416 NW 46th St, Suite 105)
  • We’re not saying there won’t be lines at these other locations, just giving you more options to get those packages off to where they’re going.

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    14 thoughts to “Long lines at the Ballard Post Office”

    1. While the lines have been long, I have to say that the employees there are beyond helpful, pulling out old newspapers to pack into boxes, offering suggestions for mailing, directing us to the shortest line, and helping with the automated postal center. And there's no better deal than the flat rate boxes!

    2. Avoid the lines…purchase your postage online from UPS, USPS, etc. and print your mailing labels out at home. Then you just drop them off…no wait.

    3. or just go next week.

      P.O. lines peeked last Monday. They've been getting shorter everyday and next week the place will be a ghost town.

    4. When I went in to mail stuff, it was right during rush hour. The line was incredibly long but NOBODY was at the self-serve machine. I was out of there in like 5 minutes. Why don't more people use that machine?

    5. Use Sip and Ship, those guys rock, and friendly, too, no attitude like you might encounter at our local governmental shipping representative. Just sayin…

    6. I've had DVDs to mail several times over the past week and, while the lines were long, the only attitude I encountered belonged to my fellow customers. The staff at the PO has been great.

    7. I mailed a package yesterday. The line was back to the entry door. However, all counters were open, the staff was on their game and I was in and out in 16 minutes. I timed it. Kudos to the Ballard Post Office. You rock!

    8. Ah, I hate to be a nay sayer, but….numerous trips to the Ballard post office have yielded much in the way of frustration! 2 of the 3 folks behind the counter move as though there is no one waiting in line, or they just walk away altogether with no explanation or idea of if they'll be back, ever. They haven't had Christmas stamps since Thanksgiving (which they kept yelling at random times: “WE HAVE NO CHRISTMAS STAMPS PEOPLE”. Um, ok…who'd expect Christmas stamps in December anyway? A
      As for the packages I've received this year:
      Package on arrived empty: And I quote the mail carrier: “Here's your empty box. Dunno why it's empty. Maybe you could call the sender to see what was in it. Sorry.”
      Package two was properly addressed to a church by the business that sent it but was delivered to a random apartment instead. Luckily they were nice enough to look up the church's phone number and call us to tell us they had the pkg. You'd think a mail carrier would realize that an apartment does not look like a church.
      Sip N Ship does rock, K-town….they are friendly and helpful and if you have any issues with your shipment, they run interference for you. No more post office for me.

    9. I've always had the best luck going up to QFC (the old Arts). They're even open later in the evening and weekends. Much better than the long lines at the post office.

    10. The Mailbox (2400 NW 80th) is great-I've gone there since they opened and they always have a bunch of extra workers for the xmas rush-one rarely has to wait long, plus they are super friendly and they know their stuff.

    11. Glad to hear it. I don't carry attitude around in my back pocket, I just want to get through the situation, but really, it sometime felt like being in a third world line.

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